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"Having your own car is like a passport to the world."

My car has now been gone for 20 days. :( I miss it so. :( I look forward to be able to go on thrifting adventures with it again, not least because even if my dad isn't at work or otherwise out between 10am and 8pm, the van has decided it HATES ME and now constantly locks its wheel after being parked out of what I can only assume is sheer cussedness.

Supposedly it happens as a safety measure if your wheels are turned too far when you stop. Yet even when I make sure my wheels are straight when I pull into parking spaces, after I get back in, the key refuses to turn in the ignition, the brake pedal won't push down, and the wheel won't turn. It takes several minutes of trying to do all three at once, hurting my hand from pressing on the key, before it somewhat randomly gives in and comes to life. As a result, I'm afraid to take it anywhere that's too far for my dad to walk to it, in case one of these times I simply cannot get it to work and need his expertise. He always seems able to make it work, maybe because he doesn't panic. Of course, it's also only locked up for him once this month versus the four times it's happened to me this week; I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

[EDIT: turns out the issue was this specific key. Everything else is fine.]

Anyway. The point is, despite the van throwing a fit, I was able to hit up Savers today to take advantage of their pre-sale for MLK day, 50% off clothing/non-jewelry accessories/shoes/bed & bath. I spent roughly 3 hours there, and after much agonizing, managed to come in under my budget.

I forgot specific prices on these items, but I believe all together they cost about $20. I spent another $2 on a pair of trouser socks and some patterned new-in-package Walmart tights.

Numbers 1 & 2: for about the past, IDK, decade, I have been wanting one of those long shirts that doesn't close in the middle -- like a shrug, but which comes to or past your waist; I don't know what they're called -- that you throw on over other clothing for added warmth, or just to add a layer for visual interest. My mom got a gray sweater-type one for Christmas and I've been quietly plotting to steal/borrow it ever since. But today, I had my pick of SEVERAL, so I wound up choosing two:
(I realize there are a lot of ruffles on the pink one. I am a little worried it makes me look like a flamingo. But I just loved the dusky pink color SO MUCH, and IDK, I feel like it works for me? The silver-gray one is definitely my favorite; click on it to see the rope-like detail on the sides. The brands are, respectively, Victor and "Next Time," the latter of which I cannot find any company information on at all. The tag says "Made in Italy" and that's all I got.)

This pretty patterned blue Apt. 9 top with an elastic-crinkly neckline, and sweaters!
Normally, donated sweaters are The Worst, but this pink Karen Scott top is nicely fitted. Not pictured is dark teal turtleneck sweater, super fluffy and plush. I really miss turtleneck sweaters. There is a flaw in the non-pictured sweater, which is that it sheds -- seriously, wherever I go, you can find a couple of little green tufts floating in my wake; I predict it will be a nightmare in the wash and will have to be done solo. But it's so warm! And I recently had to retire one of my favorite sweaters (and only other turtleneck) for just being too darn bulky now that I weigh less.

Other Purchases
I picked up the "Rent" soundtrack (movie version) for $2 as well. Yay! Been looking for that one for several years.

I also bought a shirt for my mom, because I loved everything about it from the feel of the material, to the gathered knot at the center to the super-duper-awesomely-flattering way it fit my body, but something about the (intentionally) faded harvest colors just felt too old for me. It looks good on Mom, though.
(this is my second success buying clothes from thrift stores for her in as many months)

Fun Things I Saw But Did Not Buy:
-A 100% cashmere sweater from Apt. 9 -- actually the same as the one I have, but in brown; sadly, it is already kind of small on me and I feel self conscious wearing it. Certainly too self conscious to pay $23.00 for it (even if it would have been $11.50 today). Secondhand! I mean, it was cashmere and in very nice condition and all, but that still blows my mind.

-A top from Banana Republic. I was just reading a thrifting blog the other day from a woman who resells clothing online, and how this is one of the brands she hunts for. Apparently they're kind of expensive? I always thought of them as being just slightly higher than your average department store fare, not particularly special, but Savers sure thought so. If I recall, it was a pretty average-looking shirt but it was priced at $20-25.

-I reluctantly put back the first Glee novel, two vintage horse books that were neither in good condition nor very rare, and The Office trivia game in order to stay under budget. I regret the last one a lot. And also the Glee book, now that I think about it. There's another shirt I forgot to photograph; I could have happily gone without that in order to get the game and the book.
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