RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

So kind of a good news/bad news thing.

The good news is that after poking at my car for 3 weeks, the auto doctors have determined it has EVEN MORE damage than previously suspected, and after consulting with the insurance company, the cost has gone up so much that they have deemed it totaled. This means I don't have to pay the deductible, and I get a new car instead -- like brand new, a '14 model.

The bad news is I am sad, because that car was my baby and we bonded and went through all kinds of firsts together.Besides the fact that it was my first car, it was my first visit to a car dealership. First time I drove with anyone other than a family member in the passenger seat. I fell in love with Taylor Swift's "Red" in that car, delighting in my first-ever experience of being able to listen to CDs while driving. I went exploring to cities I'd never before dared to drive to with it (even some places I'd never been at all), and actually, the first time I drove it for more than five minutes at a time was the night I met Chris.

Also there is talk that it might end up being a slightly higher monthly payment because it's a newer model, which is...not ideal, since I already pay 70-75% of my paycheck after taxes to student loans and this car. On the other hand, the '14 models are supposedly "3 miles per gallon better on gas."

It could take up to another week to get that going, but hopefully we'll soon as possible. Last time, my only color options were red or black. This time it sounds like my color options are going to be red, the brown sugar metallic, or "charcoal," but as the latter is not one of the colors listed on the site, I'm not sure exactly what that would be. Which one do you like?

I can't decide if I should stick with red because I got used to it -- even though I was not a fan in the first place, eventually I felt like "why yes, I AM an attractive young woman in a bright and flashy car to match -- or if it will feel weird due to the redesign for '14 models, like getting a new puppy of the same breed in the same color that LOOKS like your old dog but isn't quite the same.

Anyway, I swear I'm like 90% excited, because cars are one of the few items that are infinitely better new than secondhand or even vintage, but I am sentimental about my objects, and that is just such a sad end to one's first car.
Tags: driving, life

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