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Firstly, I backdated my previous thrifting post until I had time to add pics, so if you are really curious about my shirt purchases, you can go to there. As for the current stuff...well, let's start with another tangent.

Goodwill has made some changes lately.

First, they have stopped organizing clothes by color and gone with sizes instead, like literally every other store in the world. This should be a good thing, but IDK, sometimes I find myself missing the ability to just skip entire racks of yellow and orange, or zip straight to the blue and purple. And sometimes you'd find a more fitted XL, when you otherwise never would have wasted the time going through a whole rack of them.

They have also replaced the discount bins of 15-cent books with bins of VHS tapes. Now discount books are 20 cents, and they're only discounted Wednesday-Friday -- and those are the books that have the tag color of that week's color sale. Not sure if helps or hurts -- sucks only having 3 days of discount books, but now that's theoretically ALL books, some of which would never have gone below $1.50 or $2, instead of just the less appealing books.

MUCH WORSE, they have raised the price on their Tuesday Color Discount Day from $1.49 to $1.99. Not only is this already pretty high, it also means that now that day is really only worth it for clothing -- you need to find an item priced at over $4 to get a better deal on that day than the Half Price Days, and even though all their prices have been creeping up (especially books omg), most of the non-clothes items are still lower than that.

Now more than ever I am determined to investigate the Goodwill Outlet store (priced by the pound, low prices at that). I researched it a lot while car-less and dreaming, and began to make plans. People have said it's definitely gross and grungy, possibly to the point where I should wear rubber gloves, and otherwise reminds you of Original Old School Goodwill. And it's made up of reject items that didn't sell after 3 weeks at the regular store, even heavily discounted. BUT, I have seen good items on shelves on Tuesday Discount Day, and those items have been there for up to 2 weeks and 6 days. I think it's possible I could find something. Not probable, but possible. It would certainly be an adventure.

It'll have to wait until spring, though. It's not too far but I haven't been quite in that area, and snow is piled so high on the banks of every street at this point that it is LEGITIMATELY a safety hazard even in my immediate and very familiar neighborhood. When you're turning into an intersection, most of the time it's impossible to see cars coming until you are just a few inches from entering the lane, so turning without a green light is terrifying.
But despite all that, I have still gone a couple of times, when the weather isn't murderous and I can actually walk to it.

A combo trip to Goodwill and Savers last week yielded the following:

+ Midnight Valley sheets, new in package (bulk overstock) for $20, because really, $20 for sheets is pretty much cheaper than anything I've seen at Target whenever I go, and I do not have the patience to stalk their weekly sales for the rare moment bedding gets cheap. I looked for months and after a year, I still only have one set of sheets. Sheets are one of the few things I will not buy used, no matter how clean they look.

+ Also not pictured: a brand-new black spaghetti-strap tank for layering. I need more of those without lace across the top.

+ Two fabulous board games: Cash Cab, because the amount I love that TV show is genuinely stupid, and the BEST board game score since I found all those animal games: Go For Broke. It's literally EVERYTHING I have been seeking in a new game. A board, chance cards, relatively simple instructions, dice, AND as a bonus, multiple spinners (who doesn't love spinners)! The original game is (c) 1965; this edition is 1985.

The object of the game is to spend all your money until you get to zero. It's similar to Monopoly, but faster. I just love the illustrations in this edition -- a quick search online reveals that pretty much all other editions are so cartoonish and awful I probably wouldn't have given the game a second look. Chris and I have already played it, and I'm pretty much in love with it.

click to enlarge the game board and see the spots in detail.
Meanwhile, my trip yesterday was super equine themed.

First, a GIANT coffee table horse book, the kind I've drooled over all my life, for the glorious price of $2. Sample spreads shown.

Next, a juvenile book, inscribed by the author! It was only a dollar. I flipped it open just because I couldn't remember if I had read this one or not, and then it was like OH HELLO.
The Snowbird - Patricia Calvert


This cute little Grand Champion foal. Even though I stopped collecting these long ago, and have even considered selling my collection, I still secretly like them. And he was a dollar and he had his original blanket AND tail ribbon! Come on! Sadly, I had to leave behind his mother because she was missing her tail, and THEN I had to leave behind a gorgeous magnetic nuzzling mare-and-foal set -- the mare even had a little lead rope clipped to her halter! -- because someone had cut off the foal's mane.


Toys I left behind included a metric ton of Target clearance toys in box (there were a couple of Barbies for like $6 that would have been awesome if Barbies still looked like they did in the 90s -- yes, somehow I have become fond of 90s Barbies with accessories even though I really didn't find them that exciting as a kid -- and a 1970s Fisher Price A-frame dollhouse (no accessories, not worth it).

AND FINALLY: my pride and joy of the book successes, this gorgeous piece:
The Living Forest by Rien Poortvliet.

The illustrations, as shown below, are gorgeous. It's tall and oversized. Best of all, though I paid a fancy $5 price, the cheapest copies I can find online are $9 (with shipping included), so good investment! I am practically drooling over the beauty of the pages as I turn them. Most of them are just handwritten script + pictures, but at the beginning of each chapter is a Wall O' Text page that's really interesting to read.
click to enlarge, because the script is neat.
Also, I have a new car now, but I must wait until I have sufficient sunlight so I can take pictures of it before I spill any details.
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