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Sex and the City: A Second Look

As I've mentioned before, the CW has been rerunning Sex and the City at 10 PM for a while now, and my mom watches it on a regular basis.  I do my best not to remind her, but every other night...sigh.  What I have not mentioned is that when I'm downstairs petting the dog anyway, then I get sucked into watching it too, and I've been paying a terrible amount of attention lately.  The one thing I want to see is the series finale episode, to know how it all ends up.  I was trying to figure out how close we were last night, and this is how I put it: "They have to be in season 6 by now, right?  Because Samantha's wearing wigs, Miranda and Steve have their baby, Charlotte's with Harry and OH MY GOD WHY DO I KNOW ALL THEIR NAMES." 

Of course, they reran an episode that I'm 99% sure was the pilot tonight, so relying on chronological repeats may not be the best idea. [edit: Hah!  I was right.  Who wins at spotting pilot episodes?]

The worst part?  I'm reaching a point where I think I might be tempted to start renting the DVDs. I fear for my soul, because I'm guessing that the really bad bits get edited for network TV and I already think it's awful, but I...I...I kind of like these women?  Samantha appears to be the only truly unlikable and whorish one; the rest just have poor judgment about relationships and are far too willing to shed their clothes and confuse and/or trade romance with/for sex.  When kept outside the bedroom, they're kind of fun.  Okay, fine, I just love Steve.  He and Miranda are all squishy and adorable, and with their baby they make a most lovely little family.  Charlotte drew me in, but Miranda appears to be my favorite in the end.  This is madness, madness I say!  
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