RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Other things that have happened in my life lately:

1. I saw this Scottie print shirt on clearance at at Kohl's (zoom in option here), and tell me that is not exactly the kind of shirt Lux Cassidy would wear, she of the horse-and-rabbit-print-top designs? I was sorely tempted by its cuteness, but I think I am about 10 years too old or 20 years too young to pull it off without being a teacher. (teachers are just able to get away with silly shirt designs in the classroom, somehow)

2. On Neopets, I managed to accidentally trade up for once! Someone took enough of a shine to my Tyrannian Uni (a cheap color, about 30k NP) with a unique name (a breed of horse) -- whom I was on the verge of just abandoning to the pound, because nobody likes cheap colors and apparently the name is not cool enough to compensate -- to trade me a ROBOT Uni (rare color you can only get by random chance via lab ray; lab ray costs a million NP), which is really exciting because now I can either hoard it to give as a dream pet, keep it for the prestige of having a robo uni, or pound it and thus get to keep the casings for my other Uni, so I can make her look like a robot at will. AND, it came with a robot petpet -- which, again, you can only get by random chance!

3. The next book I am really excited to read is Katie Heaney's Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date. Granted, Amazon reviews were quick to assure me the title was a lie and it should be subtitled something more like "My Life Without A Serious Boyfriend," but she's 26 and it still sounds close enough to my life to be validating. Mostly because she's really pretty, and this whole "no love" thing doesn't generally happen to people (myself included) without an obvious physical reason for it. Though I suppose the odds increase if you are picky. But she's so pretty I'll allow it.

4. Based on their mind-bogglingly vulgar and unfunny "gag" reels (which frequently take the "gag" part to to heart), How I Met Your Mother is one of the few TV sets from shows I watch that I would never actually want to visit. That cast just seems like The Worst in their unscripted time, and NPH is sadly not exempt. I will stick to the shiny Disneyfied show host/family man version of him I know and love, thank you.

5. Savers has another 50% off sale tomorrow, which I had no idea was coming. I totally blew it by not checking my email so I'd know to go to the preview sale today, especially since now I have a reliable car, so I could have gone to two different Savers between the two days, AND I had today TOTALLY FREE from work, whereas tomorrow I'll need to be here for at least half the day. But I do not consider time with Chris wasted, so spending 2/3 days of Valentine's Day Weekend with him was way better than extra clothes.

Not least because my closet is, like, about to explode as it is and it's long overdue for some weeding of clothes that are worn out and which I have NO excuse for keeping other than "but I've had them for so many years and I was able to put up with their flaws when I had nothing else to wear so obviously they can't be garbage yet."
Tags: books, life, neopets

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