RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

On the bright side, I do tend to spring back into a contented state pretty quickly most of the time.

New day! After crying myself to sleep at 7pm and staying in bed for 12 hours, work behaved today (I think), I was able to take a shower, and I got dressed in a very pretty top that I haven't worn in years because it had gotten too tight and then it got buried in my drawer. I paired with it a beautiful matching necklace I just got last summer and have been waiting months to show off. I got to show it off (along with my new coat, which I should also tell you about) by rushing out to the store to get pop on sale before the snowstorm hit. It's 10:30 AM at this point and I already feel awesome.

i finished work, then had a delightful time taking a walk in the TOTALLY ABOVE FREEZING weather once the snow started falling all thick and soft and wet. After that, I shoveled twice (I didn't know how heavy it would get, so I wanted to get ahead of the game -- fyi, it's been 7+ hours and is still coming down), and made brownies and went back out in the snow to knock the heavy stuff off the branches of bushes that were bent double under its weight. In my vigor, I accidentally scared out one little bird I didn't see in the arborvitae that went shooting past my head with alarmed chirping.

During my walk I had passed one super-happy black lab playing Frisbee with its owner, and that memory inspired me to go play in my own yard. I had to wade through thigh-high snow in the backyard to reach some of the bushes, so with that done I just cut loose and went all out, charging through like a little kid (or a happy lab), and delighting in the fact that the snow was so thick, you could literally do a dead man's fall backwards and have a huge cushion beneath you. In fact, doing a more calculated fall left you with the sense that you were sitting in a very comfy armchair (there are no fewer than three butt prints where I did just that, looking up at the darkened sky and laughing for the sheer joy of it)

Also, I am not sure whether to find it maddening or hilarious that after washing my hair this morning, I have gotten it completely soaked by falling snow three times since then. I'm going with hilarious, along with the hope that natural rainwater/snow makes your hair softer. It certainly doesn't feel any worse for the wear, at any rate.

In conclusion: it was a good day, and now I have a whole free evening (or most of one) to catch up on liek 29037832 TV episodes and a stack of what feels like about 10 books at this point.
Tags: life

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