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CSI: Miami...Then and Now

Before I get to Monday's episode, I want to go back in time.  You see, I actually ended my Sunday night by randomly catching a late repeat of season 3 episode "Identity."  Somehow, in all the months I've had the DVDs at hand, I never got around to watching that one.  It's buried with "Nothing to Lose" in the middle of a bunch of dull episodes, and obviously NTL vastly overshadows everything around it, which probably explains how I forgot that the former's significance is Horatio v. Clavo, Round II.  And it is utterly fantastic.

I...I cannot even do justice to the comedic brilliance of this one.  "Frank, am I crazy, or is that a Cuban cigar?"  The way he drawls the question out is just indescribable.  Oh, and when he's got him in the interrogation room, and Clavo coolly slides on a pair of sunglasses and smirks...I LOVE THAT.  And then, of course, there's the very end - where he cups a hand around his ear until he drives Clavo into a fit of rage on the prison bus, then smiles, all pleased with himself?  DEAR GOD I MISS THAT SIDE OF HORATIO.  The one who could still, on occasion, have light-hearted moments.  Who could smile without always having an overlying air of heaviness about it.  When I watch season 3, I can get a giggle of pleasure just listening to him talk to suspects.  He still seems human; a boss who delegates much more than he does actual CSI work, yes, but at least a member of the team. 
  Not the robotic overseer I see now. 

But back to Clavo for a moment.  I am wholly fascinated by his character, and I'm still not entirely sure why.  There's just something so refreshing about the fact that he's not that clever and he's not that intelligent, but he still gets to pretty much tap-dance in front of Horatio and literally get away with murder.  You get that right off the bat when he references his need for a new car - the last one painted red by "some puta's" blood.  And again, where Horatio goes to speak to the General directly - "You movin' in now, Red?" or "You want some more DNA?"

I always did think it was a little convenient that Clavo wasn't the General's biological son, but I'm willing to overlook it for the purposes of wrapping up this plotline.  As much as he might have disliked his son's activities, I did not see him willingly sending his son to prison, but I can see how a revelation like your wife's betrayal might be the tipping point that breaks your convictions.  What's more, I still get chills every time he says "Rescind it."  In fact, it's at that point I inexplicably start to feel a little sorry for both Marta and her son, and Horatio's quiet goading leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth.  No matter how many times I list for myself all 27 reasons or so why Clavo deserves a life sentence, the look of desperate confusion on his face is hard to watch.  Immediately stripped of his security, he becomes...well, the same sniffling child that will show up two seasons later at the end of "Man Down."  I don't rest easy until H's final grin.

Then there's the B-plot with the identity theft storyline, which is not all that gripping in and of itself, but which does provide me with a stellar example or five of what I miss about Season 3 Ryan.  In addition to his skinny build and overgrown hair, he's terribly sweet and full of earnest ideals.  "I don't believe this - this is not what I signed on for."  It's also a nice showcase of intercharacter dynamics - he's still kind of intimidated by and tiptoeing around Horatio, while he and Eric are rarely on the best of terms.  That leaves him with Calleigh, in a pairing that's always been one of my favorites,  because she takes the lead on the case

And so when Monday night rolled around, I watched the new episode, but what I really wanted to do was curl up with more of season 3.  As much as I enjoyed season 4, and I enjoyed it quite a lot, there's a wall that comes up with Yelina's departure, splitting it into something different.  (a lot of people argue that the wall came up after Speed's death.  Don't listen to them, unless they're writing fantastic stories to explore this like The Widening Gyre) The 4th season was still vastly better than almost everything in the 5th, though, this week being no exception.  
CSI: Miami, 5x20, "Rush"
Just like Without a Trace the night before, this one opened on the filming of a scene for a movie.  Much like WaT, it led to a terribly underwhelming episode.  Though given this season's track record for mediocrity, I suppose I should be used to that by now.

Question the First: They identified the spa owner/manager/Guy Who Moved The Body's face from a REFLECTION in his RING?  The hell?  How did they get a viable image from that?   I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that my silver rings are *not* that shiny.  This was pretty much the only thought that came into my head during the first half. 

Well, that, and the fact that Calleigh admitted to reading celeb magazines as her "guilty pleasure."  Haha, awesome, I didn't know it was possible to like her even more than I already do.   And it's good to hear, too, since I was about to make a comment on how annoying it is that so many of these crime-show people never seem to recognize when the victim at their crime scene is a celebrity until somebody tells them. I mean, come on, do you not watch TV or use the internet at ALL?  You never go to the movies?  You don't look at magazine covers in the grocery store, or ever notice billboards?

I will give them some credit for introducing sympathetic characters in rehab.  The young starlet just there for role research was...well, cute.  I want to see whatever movie she's planning to make (oh wait, she's not real.  D'oh!).  Stealing the scenes, of course, was the curly haired Kansas girl who so helpfully volunteered to talk to Eric, who clearly was the only female with eyes in the entire clinic.  Because I mean, even with buzzcut hair, how could you not form an insta-crush on someone that hot?  You would most certainly look for excuses to talk to him, even if he's probably twice your age.  Fine, I just thought it was funny how you could see the stars forming in her eyes.

But I still liked her.  And I could say that her heart-to-heart with Eric was cheesy (and the joking about the rope being stolen, um, awkward), but I don't want to, because according to my notes, my immediate reaction was "DAAAAHHH THEY ARE ALL CUTE AND SMILEY!  I like him when he's all understanding and mentor-ish!" I think this little speech has been a long time coming, but I also think it's interesting that he admits his early fears not to his friends and co-workers, but to a girl he's never met and will probably never see again.   (how old was she supposed to be, anyway?  I was going with 16) I think we were supposed to get the message that he's worked through his issues (off-screen, because that's where ALL the good stuff happens), but I wonder if he hasn't more realized that this is how he's supposed to see things yet had/has trouble really believing and following his own advice. 

And yeah, I suppose Eric is probably obligated to tell people about her suicide contemplation.  Because a single conversation is not going to fix her forever.  It'll buoy her spirits for a while, but eventually the memory will fade and when she has another dark day, it'll be completely buried.  Ongoing counseling FTW!

On a final note, I squealed with delight when the episode closed with a montage set to Sia's "Numb."  CSI Miami's music choices tend to be about 90% purely awful, but that remaining 10% have often been some of the most beautiful songs I'd never have heard otherwise.  In fact, it was so pretty, that I could almost overlook that nauseating choice to include a Britney Spears character at the end just for the hell of it.  Really, could we please just leave her alone for a while?  It's not funny - it's like mocking a crippled child, and it added absolutely nothing to the storyline anyway. Poor taste, show. 

Other than Calleigh's smiling and Eric's chats, there just wasn't much to love about this episode.  I'm running out of ways to rant about young rich people getting in a rage and killing one another over nothing because that's apparently all there is to do in Miami.  Drink, do drugs, have sex, and murder whoever gets on your bad side: the four standard ingredients of partying around here.  At this point, I'm almost starting to miss the terrorists.

Edit: Oh, and I just saw the preview, finally, and...OMGWTF/FLAIL!  I don't know which reaction I want.  I mean, I knew it was coming (kind of - I have too many spoilers rattling around in my brain to keep 'em all straight), but I still haven't made up my mind.  E/C is way on the bottom of my list of ships.  However, it's more viable for the show than, say, H/C.   Most importantly, with the exception of Jack/Samantha, I welcome any and all romance on my crime dramas.  Thus the flailing.

My inner cynic says Calleigh looks more like she's going for a cheek kiss.  My inner counter-cynic wants to know why they would bother calling attention to it in the previews and calling it a "moment to remember."  Inner cynic reminds her that the previews are intentionally misleading 9 times out of 10.  My inner soft side just stamps her feet and points to Mac and Peyton in New York, and says that kissing is not completely verboten in CSIverse, SO THERE.  But Inner Cynic probably wins.  That's who Voice is putting her bet money on, anyway.

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