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Next week, when I'm (hopefully) all settled in to my summer job, I will probably go back and watch all my tapes from the final week in April-on, just so I can really fully appreciate them.  Hard to concentrate right now, with all the tests and research papers.  But I have limited tape space, so I HAD to cut commercials on anything I wanted to save (like Lost), and so I watched it.  Well, actually I tuned out most of the episode, as usual, but - Kate/Sawyer squee! 

Sawyer has a heart.  Don't you love how he was only back to his evil ways for about one episode?  I sure do.  Libby's drawn-out suffering and eventual death really affected him.  It took me a minute to fathom why, until I realized that of all the Tailaways, she's the only one of them that really paid attention to his injury.  Cindy did almost nothing, Bernard and Eko were more hands-off, and of course A-L was constantly threatening death or abandonment...Libby was the one who stopped to examine the wound, who made a real effort to be nice to him.  He doesn't forget that.  Anyway, it's a side of him I love to see, actual worry over the well being of someone besides himself.  It's very rare, but that's what makes it all the more meaningful.   

Watch out Sayid, Sawyer might knock you off your previously unchallenged reign as "my favorite Lostaway"...

People on message boards (I can't believe I'm frequenting them again) are complaining that it seemed to take Hurley until the next day to go looking for Libby, asking things like "Did he just sit on a beach by himself for 16 hours?"  However, I think I get it.  I'm guessing, considering what a low level Hurley's self esteem is at, after he managed to mess up his attempt at a romanticdate, that he assumed Libby used the "I'll go back for blankets" line as an excuse to back out of their date.  Poor guy probably thought she was deliberately avoiding him.  Did I just say "poor Hurley?"  I must be out of my mind.  I hate Hurley.  And Hurley-Libby romance is creepy.  But you know what?  By the end of this episode, I was almost crying too.  Also, this is the week I finally stopped seeing Libby as "Erin" from Titus, and subsequently stopped hating her.  Of course, then she goes and dies.  Sigh.  

There was a long boring story about Locke and Eko in this episode too.  Something about plot advancement. I was unimpressed.    

And to reiterate: KATE SAWYER SQUEE!  I must have rewound that 10-second clip of him holding Kate at least a couple dozen times. Now, if only I could find my remote, with the pause button...

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