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Some other things I have been watching:

After nine billion years, Survivor finally premiered!

This is pretty much gon' be a list of character impressions, but I'm going to start with my UTTER DELIGHT that two obnoxious guys got booted out first. I think that might be a Survivor first. Except I think it might have been a big mistake to keep Loose Cannon J'Tia around. Also, I really enjoyed both the challenges and the pacing and the twisty-twist at the beginning, so there's that.

David: Was a blowhard, no loss
Garrett: Was a fine masterpiece of muscles and super-brains at first, then I noticed his legs seemed to be as hairless as his torso, and right about the time his obnoxiousness was becoming irritating, I noticed his nasally voice also grated on my nerves. So again -- no loss.
Kass: I like her quite a bit. She seems very inept, but as that's mostly what I'd look like out there, I'm OK with it.
J'Tia: Abrasive, but still don't hate her - she's keeping things interesting for now.
Spencer: In any other game, I'd label him the sweet dumb kid. Would like to see his "brains" qualifications, as right now they mostly seem to be "enrolled in college" + "not a model" + "not excessively muscled."
Tasha: Her bio says she's 37, and I'm pretty sure that's a typo that should say "27," because she looks SO young. She has not made an impression on me so far, other than her unexpected ability to hassle Garrett out of there.

The frontrunner here is definitely Kass, but I'm not so fond of this tribe overall.

Lindsey: Euch, dreadlocks.
Sarah: I like her! She seems smart and able to keep a cool head. Also I just like cops. Unless they're Tony.
Tony: I lied, I might find him sort of interesting, but his refusal to admit to being a cop seems sketchy. I feel like this might chalked up to their different hometowns (Iowa vs. Jersey)
Trish: I like her too. Her sense of fairness appeals to me.
"Woo": WOO indeed. Very attractive stuff.

Definitely my favorite tribe so far, with only Lindsey slightly grating on my nerves. Very engaging, distinctive personalities.

Alexis: Perky and cute.
Brice: NO. OUT. GET OUT. More grating than either of the two evictess and incredibly the opposite of attractive. He's like Island Urkel.
Jeffra: See Alexis, but blonde. Love her accent.
Jeremiah: Purports to be a model. Not seein' it yet.
LJ: Horse trainer. I keep thinking they're talking about the website when they say his name, and more ruggedly weathered looking than conventionally attractive, but on the other hand, that profession automatically makes him...somewhat way hot.
Morgan: SO ADORABLE AND PRETTY OMG. Her ill-fitting bra is bugging me, but otherwise, she's so breathtaking I can't get over it.

Second favorite tribe, as I again mostly like everyone based on appearance...I just hate Brice more than anyone since Colton.

And I know these aired weeks ago, but I've only caught up this far on them:

HIMYM, 9x17, "Sunrise"
BLECH. The stuff with Barney was OK but mostly filler (though I did enjoy the Simul-Slapping of the Idiots), the girlfriend flashbacks were mostly OK and even kind of funny, but OH MY GOD TED SHUT UP, just shut UP, I feel so sorry for the woman who has to inherit this mess. The writers keep insisting on digging themselves deeper into this mess, and I just don't see how they plan to dig themselves out of it. Not least because it's really, ridiculously frustrating that Ted has had plenty of chances to get back together with Robin, but he'd rather focus on deliberately being miserable instead of admitting that either he would not ACTUALLY be happy with Robin, or kids aren't that freaking important. I vote for the latter, because he seems not to have these feelings while in relationships and Victoria is full of it.

I also didn't like the way the resolution to the Marshall/Lily fight was handled, with 90% of it being talked out by mostly fake ghosts, and I didn't even like what they had to say. I WANT TO TALK ABOUT WHY SAN FRANSICO STILL HURTS. This is not just about getting back at someone, Annoying Dead Dad, I clearly see things that need discussion.

Also, I am totally on team Broken Engagement Should Be The Saddest You've Ever Been. He still had support from his wife when he lost his dad. Support from a romantic partner makes anything bearable, but there is no support that replaces the loss of a serious romantic partner. And when that partner wasn't even taken away from you by forces beyond control, they just deemed you weren't enough for them? That. Hurts. More. (it's possible these feelings would not translate to real life, but I hate Marshall's dad a whole bunch)

Nor did I like the remaining 10% of resolution, with Lily coming back with her voice totally devoid of any emotion in agreeing to stay in New York. It wasn't satisfying from a perspective of winning OR a perspective of relief that they still love each other regardless of being upset. Frankly, it looks a lot like the hollow space between Jim and Pam last season and I don't like that in my television so I don't know if I'll want to watch this again.

P.S. So what I'm hearing is that Barney and Robin are both going to be insanely hung over and/or running on no sleep for their wedding. No, that seems totally healthy and positive, good work.
2 Broke Girls and the ATM
As long as I live, I may never see anything as adorable as Max in her candy tiara. I want to make and wear one. I also really enjoyed her adorable $143 shopping spree of wealth and present-buying.

I did not love the ending, because I'm really sick of those girls making terrible decisions no matter how many windfalls the universe tries to give them. You can't think of anything you could do with that million dollars other than becoming a rich sloth, Max? Really? Nothing like...signing it over to Caroline? (who will either find wise ways to use it or at least lose it trying to multiple it in shady investments) Keeping just a small amount of it? Signing up for great health insurance? Buying real estate so you can stop wasting money on rent, like a place with two bedrooms? Invest it all so it's not liquid cash you can spend, but allows you to get a less sucky job?

I truly do not understand why she thinks her entire identity is wrapped up in being a waitress at a crappy diner. Or rather, I don't understand why the writers won't let that happen when they're willing to change other things, like dropping the nanny job or setting them up in their own little back-of-restaurant shop. Not that I really think it would be feasible to suddenly have the girls become millionaires, but -- why write that amount in in the first place?

Also, who are these waitresses in New York who decline million dollar checks?? First Monica Geller, now Max; I'm sorry, but if a guy wants to buy my affection in cash like that, he is one hundred percent welcome to do so and I will accept it with no questions asked. Also a willful ignorance that he may be expecting sex out of it. I'm pretty sure there would be no upside to trying to charge me with prostitution, which would be my sole concern in this situation, and is also why no one will ever write me a million dollar check.

OK, I think my rant is finally over. I really did enjoy most of this episode, with her petty, sassy, flirty insistence on breaking up with him, until he actually accepts it and then we get our glorious "OH CRAP, that did not give me the delicious satisfied feeling I was going for" remorse. Also, Mr. Monopoly Man appearance was delightful, as was Caroline selling her out for new shoes. And Max's "HELL NO" reaction to the grumpy entitled patron, as well as her quiet joy in using a giant yellow feather pen. "Ah, yes. I treat m'self well."
The Mindy Project, 2x14, "The Desert"
Why does this show refuse to give me anything I want, unless to do it in a way that is horrible?

Premise: Cliff is totally out of the picture.
Promise: EXCEPT NOT. He's miserable, crying and singing a lotta Jewel, and recently has been convinced that he needs to get back together with Mindy, just as she is trying to do the same. EPIC ROM-COM IN THE MAKING, YO!
Reality: "My name is Danny, and I'll be playing the role of cockblocker today."

And because Danny is the line in the billing, he probably isn't just the obstacle. And even if he was, we couldn't win, because then he'd be playing the role of Ross Gellar instead, and we'd always be waiting for the other shoe to drop where they end up together. There is no love interest in the history of love stories I hate more than Ross Gellar.

I mean, things were fine. We were rolling along, and Danny and I were bonding over our shared anger about his dad being a good family man now. I actually don't like it when people change. It is MUCH more insulting if they get their life together after failing with you. At least before, they were just born a rotten person, versus someone who was totally capable of trying harder but you weren't enough to convince them to change. I really wish Danny had stayed mad and shunned that little name-stealing half sister, because that's what makes him my secret unexpected TV boyfriend. We're conservative, stubborn, change-averse, grudge-holding sticks in the mud. It makes us awesome. There is no need for some sunshine-toned Mindy coaxing all the grump out of him! Number one, how dare you.

And then the ending happened, where I hurled things at the TV and was just yelling in outrage, "No, no, no, auuuugh, THIS IS BARNEY AND ROBIN ALL OVER AGAIN.".

I watched this on Valentine's Day, too. Just the worst.
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