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HIMYM 9x18, "Rally":Nope, still horrible. Bunch of time wasted on creepy lesbianism and stories of people getting stupidly drunk, with a total of about 1.5 cute Ted/Mother scenes conveniently placed at the beginning and the end. Spare yourself and skip the saggy middle. (except I have one question - was that flash with Barney and Robin meant to assuage our fears and promise us they still get together? Because lately I've been getting really nervous about Robin randomly leaving Barney at the altar, probably because of something Ted said, or them mutually calling it off.)
9x19, "Vesuvius": OH GOD IT'S SAD AND I DON'T LIKE IT. But I dislike it in a very different way from the preceding two episodes, which is to say that I 90% loved it even though I not-so-secretly also want to punch Carter and Bays in the groin for this doomed-sounding foreshadowing surrounding the Mother. I have a lot of questions about this.

Number one, how dare you?

Number two, do you perhaps have like 29 deleted scenes of The Wedding Bride Too? I do not think we saw enough and it was greatly shortchanged, even if "Narshall" was glorious. I guess that's not about this per se, but I'd still like to know.

Number three, is there any way that The Mother could have a non-fatal illness? Like maybe there's just a, I don't know, a possible diagnosis? Or a thing that has unlikely prognosis but is still technically beatable, and which is beaten? I need to hope. I need you to not be the assholes you have been for X many seasons so far with shoving Ted/Robin down our throats and never letting us see Ted actually date the mother in a serialized episode format, but somehow making her wonderful anyway.

All anger aside, this is probably the universe reminding me how much I love angst and if I'm going to play with hot-button Tragic Scenarios, sometimes they might lose control and go too far across the angst line. I loved seeing Ted choke up and almost lose it at "what mother would miss her daughter's wedding?" Not sure how to feel about "I don't want you to be the guy who only lives in his stories," because that's fancy coming from the woman who avoided dating for 5+ years and would have avoided an uncomfortable broken engagement if she'd held out longer. But MAN do I love that pure, doting, lost-without-you look in Ted's eyes. At this point I'm pretty sure that Future Ted is a totally different, possibly alien being sent to replace Ted after he crumbles and disappears beneath my hyper-effective "you're dead to me" look. Tenth Doctor style.

Otherwise it would be really awkward how fast I can be manipulated from wanting to strangle him to being a little in love with him with just one sweet scene.

[edit: the internet has been very reassuring that this is totes misdirection, solely because it's too obvious. And that the creators are a special brand of jerks who like to screw with the audience, making it more likely. I may have made that last part up but the sentiment is the same.]

Other things I loved: Barney's agony over suit-choosing/"SAY YES TO THE SUIT!", Susan "Sue" Tupp, the high five at successfully being an old married couple, SWARLIZE THERON, and of course the return of Robin's little sister. Lucy Hale is delightful.

I am totally going to stay on top of new episodes for the rest of the run, not least because it conveniently takes its series finale bow the night before my night job starts and I have to say goodbye to all live television for the rest of the year anyway. Which won't really be a big change from now, tbh.
2 Broke Girls
3x17, "And the Married Man": Horrible waste of time, aside from Max's "Dame Edna" hairstyle.

3x18, "And the Near-Death Experience": I enjoyed the title action, and I walked around laughing for a full week at "hurts like hail!" Favorite joke this season has given me, honestly. The rest of was mostly another waste of time -- we have literally spent at least a third of the season on her creepy married-man crush, at least half of which has consisted of him being a creepy stalker who won't take no for an answer, which is admittedly difficult to fault him for when Caroline seems to get off on saying no. But she also really seems to have trouble with the concept of both open relationships existing and why someone who is in one should instantly become un-hot in your eyes.
Finally, I caught up some on Intelligence.

Oh man, I have not talked about this since episode two, and now I'm on episode eight. Here are some general thoughts I've been having on this series:

* Gabriel is still super hot, and I am enjoying his snarky/quasi-flirty-but-not-really banter with Riley, the absolute best of which involves him grumbling about being saved by a girl. It's very emasculating when she tackles him like that.

* Remember how I like Riley because she reminds me of Tania Raymonde? Well, come episode 4, they had actual Tania Raymonde on the show and my brain nearly exploded with delight. I mean, sure, she was a rogue operative hell bent on killing the other person they were rescuing. But for a brief moment, she was a helpless captive prisoner, and their short interaction was all kinds of awesome.

* Lillian is a bad-ass HBIC and sometimes I think she might actually be my favorite character on this show. She's just so elegant in her bossiness. Perfect hair, wardrobe, and earrings/necklaces that are subdued but really make her outfits pop. I mean, just look at this. And then she has nerves of steel and goes toe to toe with all the men like she's personally here to end sexism's sheer existence.

* Agent Spooky, as I will forever call that tall, bald dude with the slightly sunken eyes and dangerously high cheekbones. Apparently his name is "Lance Reddick." I don't think so.

* I continue to not like the dorky doc or his dorky son, and I was annoyed when the former did not bleed out in front of my eyes.

* I really liked the one with the two kidnapped girls - got to play out my Castle scenarios all over again.

* The "deadly outbreak" one was good too. I was impressed by their willingness to fridge the felon's girlfriend after they'd made us get to know her for a few scenes. Excellent shock value, no lasting consequences.

* I am normally really bored by the inevitable Military Buddy With A Dark Past and/or Present storyline, so much so that I almost skipped this one, but I'm glad I stuck around. There were quite a few surprise twists by the end, and I even got to like the old military buddy. Although I would not be opposed to Riley shooting him a second time, either.
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