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Fandom March Madness Feelings Update: (1) So that girl from My Mad Fat Diary... I always got a bad vibe from her, but I never had any concrete reasons. Now I have a lot of concrete, giffy reasons to find her a really disgusting and off-putting example of everything I tend to hate about people and TV shows outside the FCC's purview. (2) MINDY LAHIRI FOR ALL THE THINGS! That is my new campaign goal if Gossip Dan doesn't make it.

And the real reason I'm posting...

How I Met Your Mother, 9x20, "Daisy"
OH WOW. Oh wow, Marshall and Lily's amazing fight just got way more amazing. I am so glad I can't anticipate anything and also avoided the internet so I didn't know what was up until we saw her leave the convenience store. But knowing that she's secretly pregnant with baby #2 while Marshall's accusing her of their family being a consolation prize? SO GREAT! Such great television! I'm sorry, I just want to keep yelling loudly about how fantastic that was to see! (Not to mention: the callbacks to "I can keep a secret reeeeeal good"? YES!)

[edit: almost forgot to mention how much I loved the real resolution to their fight, with Marshall's face and Lily's face and all the hugging and awwwww! Followed 10 seconds later by crazy monkey sex, because that's love, bitch.]

[edit #2: continuing the world of DELIGHTFUL REVEALS -- the drinks Linus has been handing over all season are actually non-alcoholic. Sweet.]

And that was just one tiny component of what made this episode so great, which is going down as a series classic. For instance, we got to see more of The Captain. Who partially lives his life as a musical. And then Marshall punched him. And his answer to everything is some variation of "boat." AND HE HAS GOTTEN TOGETHER WITH BOATS BOATS BOATS BECKY. Also Marshall attempts to duel him. I love a good almost duel!

And we got the Mosby Boys -- Ted's super-long suspense-building pauses were definitely this side of THAT IS OFFICIALLY TOO LONG TO BE TOLERABLE DAMMIT, but maybe they won't be in the future. I didn't love his reveal so much because you may recall that I really passionately hate any suggestion of those idiots smoking to the point that "Last Cigarette Ever" is my single most-hated episode in this series (look, when your characters smoke more in the 21st century than the Friends did in the 90s, something is wrong). On the bright side, at least I never believed it.

Back at the Inn: Robin's mom is currently my second favorite mom of the whole bunch (Marshall's mom used to be tops, but then she grossly hooked up with Mickey so now she's in third and Lily's is the de facto leader). Ted's mom is still a distant fourth, and the more I see of Barney's the less I can stand her. Conversely, Ted and Barney's dads go back and forth between first and second, while Robin's dad is in third and then it's Marshall's and Lily's in distant fourth and fifth. Add them all up and Robin somehow has the highest score in parental points. What in the world is up!)

I don't really have strong ties to Tracy Ullman, but I know who she is and she has a very distinctive voice, so she's fun. Character-wise, I like everything about her style and delivery. I quite enjoyed the endless comparisons to Robin's father (my favorite was about him being a sociopath who's slept with over twenty women -- friendly reminder, so has Ted). Right up until that gross part we are going to totes ignore where Robin has some sort of apparent mental crisis over who fits the definition of "someone who'll always be there" and OH MY GOD RAGE VOLCANO THREATENING TO ERUPT AGAIN.

God bless that little flash-forward to Italy, I'm so glad Lily gets her dream, really gets it. Though I also refuse to believe that both of their parents came along or that they are still grossly together, gross.

And then I forgot all that because AWWWW, THE BABY'S NAME IS DAISY.
Oh, and hey, while we're getting all sentimental, I checked out season 8 of this show from the library on a whim. Did you know that like half of this season is secretly great?? It was just that sucky part at the beginning with the Autumn of Useless/Dead Weight Relationships, and the sucky part at the very end with Ted's Delusional Stalker mode in full swing, that overshadowed all the great stuff in the middle.

The reason I'm mentioning this specifically, though, is that I ended up watching "Time Travelers" when I clicked on the wrong title and was too lazy to go back. Remember Ted's speech about how if he could go back to that night, he'd run straight to his future wife's apartment so he could have that extra 45 days with her? Here's what I said about it when it aired:

"I wanted to be more moved by Ted's dramatic imaginary declaration of love . . . but ultimately I was kind of "meh" about it so I hope it unexpectedly punches me in the feelings bone later on. I look forward to that day."

11.5 Months From Now Me is here, and she says: CONSIDER YOUR FEELINGS BONE BROKEN (from the punching).

See, I had completely forgotten it existed, and honestly barely remembered it even after seeing it again. But I choked up as soon as I saw the tears in his eyes and then proceeded to weep like a distraught widow for half an hour. I didn't even realize why, until I looked up the aforementioned review and remembered last week. Which I still believe is misdirection somehow, but at the moment I can't quite get the core of my brain to believe it's anything other than face value until canon contradicts, and I am in a vulnerable place.
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