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Early morning post brought to you by Grumpy Cat. (*Grumpy Cat cannot attend)

Fandom March Madness Update, Elite Eight: The fun part's over, with Parker on a flameout to Joan Watson (which admittedly isn't too bad), and thus all my dreams now halfheartedly hitched to Abbie Mills' wagon, which unfortunately means I can't read the comments any more in case I'm gifspoiled for the 4-5 episodes I haven't seen yet. (I WILL CATCH UP WHEN I CATCH UP, OKAY?)

I don't know why I'm not more enthused.  I know I'm bumming hard over Gossip Dan, but I think the internet and my need to be contrary might be causing it, because I do like her. I just only think she's the third most attractive/interesting person on that show, and if we ranked all the characters on all the shows I watch, she'd probably come out pretty solidly in the middle of the pack, or no higher than the top quarter. I don't have an overwhelming outpouring of love for her.

Also, I just want to say that I watched half an episode of Brooklyn 9-9 once, and I couldn't stand anybody, including that unpleasant deadpan woman. I don't like characters who deadpan unless they can pull it off with the magnificent grumpyface of Chi McBride. When Chi McBride deadpans, there are no hard feelings, he's just like, "good luck being interesting in the future, 'cause this ain't it." But when this woman does it she just looks sullen. See also: April on Parks & Rec. Not sure if gender-related or I just can't think of anyone else who always deadpans. [eta: Stanley on The Office! Maybe it's gender AND race related]
In happier news, while 2013 was a pretty poor year for movies and there were hardly any I was super excited to see, this year I've already found THREE that I am super enthused about.

1. Maleficent -- Mom and I are gonna see this even though it apparently doesn't come out for ages. I don't normally like Angelina Jolie, but Disney does great live action and I think she'll be perfect for the role. That said, I have not actually ever watched the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty. I have only read the illustrated story of the Disney version in my Walt Disney Storybook. Should I do that, or hold off?

2. Noah -- not as a biblical movie, of course, and I definitely am leery about that "by the director of Black Swan" credit that means I'll be researching the hell out of the rating, but as a great disaster movie with bonus historical costumes. And Emma Watson!

3. Pompeii -- Not only does this look like a great action movie, especially on the big screen. JON SNOW IS IN IT SO I DON'T HAVE TO WATCH GAME OF THRONES TO SEE HIS GORGEOUS FACE + PERFECT HAIR. Also he's the actual main character. Also it's not rated R, which is even better. Bonus: Our old AAA Lost buddy, Mr. Eko.
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