RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Fandom March Madness: Abbie Mills has won, so I do not have to open a can of whoop-ass on anyone, but the comments on that post did make me long for the glory days when men had an actual chance and fandom voters were not this Anti-Sexism Establishment Task Force determined to overcome the injustices of media representation by voting women through every step of the way. I do not have definitive proof this is what happened versus people actually liking women best in most TV shows, but I have been on Tumblr long enough to make this my hypothesis. Fandom, where has your priority for objectifying attractive men gone? I am disappoint.

[edit: in fairness, before pursuing this hypothesis, I should probably make sure of my own male-to-female ratio of favorites when I'm limited to one per show. Because as I think about it, for current shows it might only be Glee and CSI where I am All About The Dudes, and I'm just thrown off by the high concentration there]

Specifically, though, the comments made me remember that really fantastic Vote Barney campaign post I made in 2009. Ultimately it was in vain, but y'know, I usually forget that part because I had so much fun embellishing that post.

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