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Poked around dollar store in search of interesting snacks. I was delighted to find corn nuts, having recently developed a craving for them but never having seen them outside of this spicy trail mix that I don't particularly like. Also took a chance on these Caramel Coconut Tips, since the #1 ingredient was not partially hydrogenated oil (it's #4. shut up.), and am delighted to report that they are an amazing candy. I am usually take-it-or-leave-it when it comes to coconut, but the coconut is more for texture than anything -- just as hoped, the caramel and sugar dominate as they form a nougat-y base almost like a honey candy, with just a hint of coconut flavor. They pair beautifully with Diet Coke. They clash horribly with fruit-flavored sparkling water, at least the strawberry kind. Just FYI.

Also, not from the dollar store but still costing a dollar -- I think at Cub? Definitely on special and not staying that price for long -- we have been enjoying these amazing Popped Edamame chips, which are gluten free, free of saturated fat, low in fat overall (3g per serving), made mostly of rice flour, and have the most AMAZING taste and texture. Well, the taste is largely sea salt, but there's an interesting flavor to the chip itself as well, which is a little like the texture of a rice cake, but smoother.

Criminal Minds, 9x15-19: I've fallen off the bandwagon a bit, but am trying to catch up in reviews...

Mr. & Mrs. Anderson: Murder as a marital aid/foreplay: WELL SURE, WHY NOT. I liked this one, very suspenseful -- except I was pretty cranky about how well we got to know the first victim, who seemed like a really sweet and wonderful young woman. Don't make us fall in love with the nice ones, I don't like that.

Gabby: I REALLY liked this one, even though it was hampered by both the promo monkeys who showed the sister flipping out at Hotch, which was dumb because she didn't ping ANYTHING on my suspicion radar prior to that, and it would have been a great twist. Even spoiled, I still couldn't figure out how they were going to make her guilty party because she seemed like such a loving aunt, and was trying to figure out if it could possibly have been misdirection. They really put a lot of work into laying the groundwork for that -- talk about the long game, holding over a childhood grudge and waiting nine years after your niece's birth to take action? -- and added even more suspense with the child still being missing.

But I still can't quite figure out how they have these missing-kid rings. I mean, isn't it rather difficult to transfer guardianship? Wouldn't the children be old enough to remember their name/where they live, and tell someone what happened to them? Unless they're all being sold into human trafficking rings, which I was guessing was the case from Penny's expressions (surely no one would be that appalled by a simple desire to offload a kid with behavioral problems free of red tape), but it was not spelled out explicitly enough for me to be sure.

Persuasion: That was even better! The tunnels, the compellingly complex rules of the grifter society, the hypnotist conman (so very disturbing that he could actually semi-trick people into murdering others), the awesome not-really-a-street-rat kid's con to catch said conman, and most of all, the fact that the Emma Stone-esque journalist didn't end up dead. At one point I was getting so sick to my stomach worrying about what sort of brutality I might have to endure on that front that I almost turned it off, but instead it turned into one of the best Minds episodes I've ever seen.

We didn't have to care about any victims, there weren't any super-gruesome bodies or excessive blood, the bad guy was caught, and nobody innocent went to jail thanks to Reid's gilded gift of persuasive gab. On display three times in the latter half of the episode, each one more delightful than the last. (I particularly liked his "in 1977? I wasn't even born yet" jab) AND ON TOP OF THAT Reid being a mama's boy. It's a lot more satisfying when you don't have to see Jane Lynch and can imagine his mother as someone half sympathetic.

Rabid: skipped, because NOT HERE FOR "MODERN ZOMBIES." And what I caught of the "fitness training prep" just looked dumb/made me want to punch Eyebrows in his stupid smirky mouth.

The Edge of Winter: Classic Minds. Took me on a psychological horror ride and made me have nightmares all night, because just in case EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT STORYLINE WASN'T GRUESOME ENOUGH, they had the star victim turn out to also be one of the killer/torturers, partially of her own accord/"permanently damaged by what he did to her." (This did not go well for the part of my brain that was busy spinning the episode into a parallel Klaine story on the side.) I did not see that coming, and it was such a shock that it was almost like rewinding the episode and starting all over again, or having a two-parter -- there was that much reveal going on.

Also, thanks for ending on a heartbreaking note because most of the time, she's blocked those memories out to cope.
I heard Raising Hope got quietly and unceremoniously canceled, kind of like Greg Garcia's last comedy about poor people.  I'd muster up the urge to feel sad on principle, but we never did get over our falling out.

Speaking of comedies...will someone please reassure me that I'm not the only one who thinks Friends With Better Lives looks terrible? I'm worried because the female lead already has an "appalled/outraged" face she's used on at least 2 occasions that is exactly the kind of reaction .gif people love to use -- I'm pretty sure she's doing it on purpose, it is way too exaggerated to be a regular acting choice -- and god knows I would like to support Van Der Meme's comedic efforts, but it just looks so offensively dumb. Trashy dumb, specifically. Like the worst amalgamation of Cougar Town and Happy Endings* plus a side of 2 Broke Girls sleaze. *Which is why I'm worried I am alone in finding it awful-looking.
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