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The best kind of trivia game

One of my favorite brain-stimulating hobbies is "lost book" communities, where people describe what they remember of books whose titles they've forgotten, and see if anybody else can hook them up with the lostling. My areas of expertise are 21st century realistic YA and old horse/dog books. I have an LJ comm, and now I have a Goodreads group... but just now, while trying to find a completely different missing book for my mom, I think I may have solved an unpublicized mystery.

See this page, where they are talking about the illustration of toy dogs?[spoiler text to copy-paste from the site]I have, in my collection, one Megargee piece that I believe dates from the 1940s, though it may hail from the '50s. It’s a six-page piece that was clearly removed from a book or magazine. Each page showcases a different AKC group. (These were the days when the herding breeds were included in the Working Group.) Arranged on the page are little jewel like miniatures of Megargee’s prints or illustrations from his books. Unfortunately, there are no markings anywhere indicating the origin of the pages. I’ve met one other person who has this identical piece. When he bought his pages, he was told that they came from Life magazine. It’s difficult for me to imagine this as the type and weight of the paper, the binding style and the size format are so different from that used by Life. But, I suppose Life could have opted for something different in the issue with the piece on Megargee.
I all but jumped up and down on the spot, because I KNOW THAT IMAGE! I know it well. And as soon as my brother wakes up so I can check his bookshelf to confirm the title for the website owner, assuming they haven't found out since they made that page, I'm about to bust that mystery wide open with my OBSCURE VINTAGE ENCYCLOPEDIA KNOWLEDGE TO THE RESCUE!

Because that, my friends, is straight from the pages of my dad's childhood encyclopedia, volume "D," and I am oh-so-very proud of myself right now, because how many people have 60-year-old encyclopedias in their brain catalogs? I'm willing to bet not many.

And as a bonus, I learned about a new 20th century illustrator, and have queued up several books on Interlibrary Loan as a result.

[edit: Oops. I accidentally stayed up all night feverishly researching antique encyclopedias, and now my brain is positively on fire with the need to go to one thousand million estate sales to ransack their book collections. OH MAN I FINALLY FOUND ONE WITHIN TEN MILES/NOT IN THE CITY! Shoot shoot shoot "500+ books" and tomorrow, the last day, starts in 3 hours but I still have a bunch of work to do...NO. I CAN DO THIS. But man, I wish I had researched this. I could have taken Chris if I had, but there's no way he'll be ready to hit the road by 9 am without advance notice. I doubt he'd even be awake to read my text informing him of the option by then.]
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