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Bad shows, bad shows, whatcha gonna do?

Actual reaction to that preview: WHAT DO YOU MEAN WILL GARDNER IS DEAD.

"The fuck?" At first I honestly thought it was an elaborate ruse being pulled by their presumably ever-sketchy law firm, but no, it appears they really had some random person shoot him in a courtroom and let him bleed out and now as a character, he is no more. Whaaaa??

Granted, I have never watched a full episode of this show because it looks gross, just all kinds of sleazy and explicit that seems to get worse every year, but I know I LOT from seeing previews every week, plus online fandom osmosis. And what I know is that Alicia/Will = the OTP you should have (or at least the one I would have), and I don't think they lasted as long as I expected them to, but I was still firmly under the assumption that they were presumed endgame*. So I'm just...I'm just having a little bit of trouble wrapping my head around this.

*ooh! Comment on WSJ article proves that my fandom meter reading is accurate: "I feel cheated, after five seasons waiting for the conflict between Will and Alicia to resolve, after seeing their love grow, break, seed again… this feels totally out of place. I would never expect such a heavy handed change in which happened to be (to this day) the central history of the show. Really, really disappointed."

I also heard that Teen Wolf did a thing.
[Now, I don't really know anything about Teen Wolf. But I have finally met enough fandom members to get ticked on principle.]
Apparently an actress wanted to leave on this one, so BOOM, down goes Allison. Again, until 2013 I wasn't even aware there was a character named Allison on this show, but since then I have learned that she's one of not enough girls and was the main character's once (and maybe future) love interest, or something? And basically, everyone is upset and mad at the decision to kill her instead of just sending her away if the actress wanted to leave, so I am happy to get on board the outrage about killing ladies. I don't know the specifics, but I really hope it wasn't a Finn/Rachel level of love, because surely no showrunner would create a situation like that in the same TV year if they didn't have to.

And lastly, in that bizarro world of Pretty Little Liars where I now take "canon" about as seriously as the ancient Greek and Roman myths...
[they've worked up quite a ridiculous and insulting new twist on Ezria]
Apparently Aria is not the first underage girl Ezra has ~fallen in love with~, but rather, was previously with Alison. Is now...apparently trying to solve her murder in order to write a true crime book about it? So somehow it makes sense to get into another illegal relationship? Hah! Regardless, I don't even know how to describe how far gone this as far as ruining any fantasy you might have had about their true love in the beginning. Dropping a nuclear bomb on the earth you scorched after salting it? I feel so sorry for anyone who couldn't cut and run like I did. It must be torture trying to live through this as an active shipper. Especially if this is your first major fandom, which for a lot of these poor teenage fans, it seems like it might be.

Also, reading the Wiki, it appears that the random kid actually wasn't his, after all. Too bad the shippers have much worse problems now. But hey, good to know you shut the door on me being able to replace Ezria with a different Fitz ship.

And this last thing is NOT a bad show, I just felt like organizing all the TV talk I've got for the week:

Survivor: Lyndsey, my last grand nemesis, is gone! That said, even though I'm sure she's been aggravating and that it really is a genuine personality clash between her and Trish, the latter came across as quite the bully when she, as far as we could tell, literally opened fire out of the silence with "FYI, I will respect you, but I don't like you." (which is, itself, disrespectful, so...) The gloating after Lyndsey left continued to be kind of gross, but all things considered, I couldn't hate her being gone. Also I just like when Jeff comes to play therapist. Never seen him come in the middle of the night before, I don't think.

I still can't bring myself to hate Tony, even though by all rights he should be working my last nerve. The habitual lying and random chaos-creation IS getting kind of old, because he's literally playing like Grossel, but somehow it's also like as long as he does it with that impish smile and twinkle in his eye instead of like a sociopath, I am powerless to say anything but, "Aw, shucks, you ol' rascal! *friendly arm punch*" Even when his rascally ways threaten Jeremiah, who is head and shoulders the most attractive man out there with his delightful curls and his country boy beard and the fact that he literally looks like he walked out of an Abercrombie & Fitch ad.

(I wish I could have seen Spencer's face watching this episode and realizing how very very wrong he was)

The challenges in this one were, again, fun, and I do love seeing the unlikely Brain tribe retain their solidarity and power (10,000 eProps to Kass for her observation that "the brain just needed a body to control"). BUT: that ending hurt me. That ending hurt me bad. All I wanted to do was hug poor voted-out and OH SO PRETTY** Alexis for like an hour. She walked out crying and sounding overwhelmed and genuinely heartbroken, and I don't blame her a bit because it WAS heartbreaking. From her perspective, Jeremiah is sketchy, and worse, she was genuinely TRYING to help the Brains get ahead -- everything they took as her trying to work an angle was just her being genuinely desperate for them to NOT do that. Or, in skit form:

Alexis's Thoughts: I love these smart people, they're so great!
Alexis: Guys, I love you! I really want to help you out and be on your side.
Brains: Cool, because we like you too.
Alexis: Speaking of helping you out, see that guy over there? He'll backstab you. Watch out for him.
Brains: Wow, that IS good information. Thanks.
Alexis's Thoughts: I'm so happy that the smart people agreed to be friends with me! This is gonna be so fun! Maybe Jeffra can come play with us later too!
Brains: Based on our experience with you, you are most likely a deceitful bitch and have no place among us. Get out.
Alexis: D=

**I am beginning to wonder how I ever mistook Morgan for the most beautiful woman out there. That constant smirk on her smug face really detracts from the overall picture. And meanwhile, the more I see of Alexis, the more I love not only her toned and well proportioned figure, but her cute curly hair and how nice and sharp and tight her features are. She has excellent bone structure. And is just cute as a button, really. I wanna be her friend! I initially took all 3 of the Beauties as somewhat stuck-up popular girls, but it turns out there's a reason Morgan was not in the buddy-buddy clique with the other two: she has every marking of a Mean Girl, while it's the other two who just seem like really sweet people who are nice to everyone.
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