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This is how I like to bond with my new cars.

Weather went from rain to sleet on the way to work, which was totally doable, then semi-froze to the windshield and turned to snow by the time we went home. Work tomorrow night is canceled due to weather conditions, and due to my foolhardiness, I declined Chris' offer to go home with him and pick up my car another day, figuring if I survived the blizzard last year, I could do anything, so I would just drive myself home (actual reason: I was afraid it was somehow against the rules or even a law to leave my car parked there overnight, regardless of reason. I'm paranoid about that stuff).

(Except, FACT: Last year when I saw the blizzard, I would have given at least four of my toes to know someone, ANYONE, who could drive me home.)

But! I survived (while also discovering that I do, in fact, apparently believe in God, given that my gut reaction was an inexplicable sense of calm when I vocalized that I trusted him to keep me safe). The nice thing about the single-lane back roads is that, though less well plowed, they are also much less traveled so I can just focus on steering my car in the middle of the lane and braking at my own pace for stoplights, and not on OH GOD AM I GOING TO HIT THAT CAR OR SHOULD I SWERVE INTO THE DITCH?? or worrying about being rear-ended. It usually takes me 25-30 minutes to get home and tonight it took me 37. I feel OK about that. Though I did get stuck trying to go up the steep and unplowed driveway, so somebody (Dad) will have to take care of that tomorrow.

The good news is, the car and I have now bonded. I explained to it how my last car and I bonded this way, and how I knew it would take care of me and I would take care of it and when we came out the other side, we would be a bonded pair. Now we're like Army buddies. Army soldier and dog buddies, that is, which is even closer than two regular soldiers.

There was one casualty, however. A truly fantastic library book went flying out of my hands as I headed inside, and landed open/facedown in the snow, I tried to brush it off, but I didn't see that there was snow jammed between the back cover and pages until several minutes later, so now it is pretty well watermarked and rippled for life. Pissed at myself because it's not only a great book that deserves to be cherished, it's only about a year old, too.

I am sorry I was not around to reply to all your HIMYM frustration in a timely manner, but I did greatly appreciate it! And will still try to get in some answers. At least LJ still rallies around the important things.
Also: Things I Need To Write About Soon, Even Though Right Now I'm Gonna Go Work Until I Crash

  • Revolution catchup

  • Talk of next week's Glee episode (I am 98% sure I'm going to watch the Kurt and/or Blaine scenes in this one, because from the moment the first spoilers hit, I have been bouncing off the walls in fits of mad excitement)

  • Big Bang Theory seasons 2 & 5 (DVD catchup)

  • That 70s Show seasons 1 & 3

  • The Music of 2014

  • Lea Michele's CD

  • What I did for my birthday

OH! Also, TWOP's recaps will, in fact, be staying online somehow and not disappearing. I meant to post that publicly earlier, but work's been kinda gnarly. I guess...that's why the rule about not badmouthing the parent company? Still seems kind of a dicey chance to take, but OK.
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