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I am not saying anything about the Virginia Tech shootings. I am just *twitch* a little bit irritated that FOX killed my Bones episode and shows no signs of airing it in the near future. Yeah, the body is found on a college campus. The one body. The body of the person who was not killed by anything remotely resembling a bullet. The similarities between the two events are so insignificant that I doubt I would even have made a connection. Besides, there's a Hodgins/Angela moment in there that sort of sets the tone for their relationship through the end of the season, so, hand it over.
American Idol
*tackle-hugs Sanjaya*

NO! You were so CUTE tonight! You were all adorable and cuddly and sweet and, and... *sulks in a corner*

Every fiber of logic in my brain says tonight was his night to go, but I still feel hollow and empty because making Sanjaya cry is like killing puppies. And only mean people take pleasure in killing puppies.

60 minutes earlier...
I twitch a little when Simon has to "set the record straight" because the nation is a bunch of hypersensitive ninnies who pay way too much attention to the screen and then storm the internet in self-righteous rage. Later, Ryan comes on and yaps about Idol Pretends It Invented The Idea Of Charity night; I twitch violently with the effort of not rolling my eyes at its pretentiousness. I cannot wait until it's over and they shut up about it.

On a positive note, I loved the group song. They reminded me of a motley Brady Bunch. Look! Melinda and Phil are mom and dad, and then all the kids in the middle (though Lakisha is more like a random aunt). Everybody sounds good singing this song, and look! Sanjaya has an extra-specially cute smile. He's wearing a normal teen outfit, and his hair looks soft and kind of fluffy in its wavy state. Remember in the way-back days, when I looked at the pictures of the top 24 without knowing who they were, and said he was the cutest one in the bunch?
Voice: And yet I distinctly recall your phrasing being something like how sad it was that he was the cutest in the bunch.
RS: Shh. He's very, very cute right here. And Jordin - who's rocking a gorgeous sheer white-top-over-tank set, is cute with her arm around Chris' shoulder, and really, this may be my favorite group sing of the season.

I like hearing what the contestants are listening to, but I didn't like the behind-the-scenes-interview segment. I just imagine those poor people are thinking Oh my God, I'm trying to eat. Can't I get away from cameras for two seconds? and/or Oh my God, can't this wait until my hair finishes getting styled and looks good? On that note, I am currently completely obsessed with the Rent soundtrack. After seeing three clips in film studies last December, I finally watched the movie about a month ago. It's probably the best thing I've seen all year, so I just got the soundtrack, and...I can't stop listening to it.

Ford music video: They're all a bunch of secret agents/spies, and it's hilarious.

Performances: Fergie finally sings a non-crap song, and I can't stand it. Boring as sin. Although it's slightly less boring than Martina McBride, whose performance I snore through, and whose post-song interview I cringe through because her daughter is there and at one point Ryan has to tell her he's not talking to her anymore, but her mother, which is EMBARASSING BEYOND BELIEF. No more kids on stage, okay? They don't understand how stuff works, and it causes me physical pain when they make themselves look stupid.

And finally, voting. That gimmick about splitting them into two groups and making Melinda choose was just sick and uncomfortable to watch, though it was cute when she plopped down in the middle of the stage and refused to do it. Classy! Then Sanjaya got voted off and I went into quiet hysterics. Well, not really. Mostly I just sulked, while my mom whooped so loudly that Dad came up from the basement to see what happened.

Every fiber of logic in my brain says tonight was his night to go, but I still feel hollow and empty because making Sanjaya cry is like killing puppies.

Really, it's painful, and I can't remember the last time I wanted to hug someone so much. Although Ryan looked very sweet standing beside him for support. I liked his farewell performance much better than the one last night, and not just because he changed that lyric to "other than hair" in the middle, although that was awesome. I don't want him to be gone; I liked watching him!

And even though logic says he deserved to go, not one bit of me believes that, because except for Jordin who should win, I really don't like the other people.
  • Phil's song choices tend to be 1 week on, 4 weeks off. And in all weeks, he is damn creepy to look at, because he is an alien.
  • Chris is not cute, I hate his voice, he bores me to tears, and he is a muppet.
  • Lakisha looks like she wants to beat you up at all times, and I dislike her style of singing; there is nothing impressive about her and I cannot wait until she's gone. I'm hard pressed to say whether I want her or one of the boys above to go home first, actually.
  • Melinda has no neck and an elongated head, and I am sick of everyone tripping over themselves to talk about what an awesome singer she is. Simon always called Haley out on being indistinguishable from a thousand girls like her, but that's how I feel about Melinda. Fine, so she doesn't suck. She doesn't interest me, either; she just comes out and sings. I fail to be especially charmed by her personality the way I am by Jordin's.
  • Blake is a carnie. Yes, he is. The more I see of his tattoos, the more my initial love for him evaporates. His spiked hair was one thing to overcome, but with the Just no. He's personable enough; I'd like to see him in the top 2, actually, but I don't know why people fawn.
Looking at the above, I think ideally I'd have liked to see Sanjaya stick around until the final four. In my ideal situation where Jordin and Blake are in the final 2, then that means Melinda would have to hold out longer than Sanjaya to avoid a bloody riot, but I wanted him to make it to the final four. Sigh. Well, we can still complete the other three parts of my master plan, right?

Oh, and what would normally be a highlight but is almost a footnote in the wake of that ending...Blake wiping Lakisha's tears = AW! He just won a little bit of my love back.
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