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OH MAN I LOVE MY JOB. Granted we've only been actually independently scoring this prompt for 2 days, so maybe soon it will become a drag, but right now I'm just like YES THIS IS EXCITING. Math has officially usurped reading in my heart, test-scoring-wise. I would sooooo much rather just count up the points in seconds, with only minor quibbling over whether a written explanation of their work is sufficient to meet the criteria, rather than read a whole essay and try to assess the quality of the writing. The speed with which I can tear through these is just exhilarating. And it's fun! Plus, whenever an explanation is partly right but not enough to meet all criteria for the score, I get to yell "Not good enough! *whip*" in my head.

Tonight someone even brought in these delicious chocolate chip cookie bars to share with the room. That's the kind of people we hire. Well, they hire. I just really love this company and continue to nurse a secret plan of one day following the internal job postings closely enough to work for them in some capacity permanently, so I think of it as mine.

Where was I going with this? Oh right! Glee! I'm gonna put it in its own post tonight, though. Hang on...

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