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In other words, I accidentally stayed up all night flailing about Glee instead of sleeping or doing work. Since I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night, I made myself go to bed at 6am and got another 4 hours, but that means I woke up late and now night work starts in 3.5 hours and I still have to take a shower/wash my hair, plan for a 30-minute commute, get gas, and also I still have to make EPIC shop contacts and review half of my new work, so I don't think I will have any time to detour 15 minutes out of my way (round trip) to browse Savers for their 40%-off-dresses sale today. :( :( :( I mean that's not a great deal, but it was an excuse to go to Savers and see if there was anything I ~absolutely adored~ that I could get a discount on.

Not sure if I regret last night or not. Because I was really, really happy when I woke up this morning and made a beeline to gaze fondly at my screencaps and Tumblr gifsets again. On the other hand, now I am a huge ball of stress.

[edit: was almost able and ready to leave at 3:40, but then I lost my wallet and spent an hour tossing my entire room and every crevice of the car in vain, so I never got to go to Savers and I didn't have enough energy to enjoy wearing the pretty dress I'd been waiting for today's 70-degree high to wear; was exhausted and furious at everyone by the time I got to work. Snapped at and shut down Chris, who was absent yesterday due to a conference at work and had showed up early today so we'd have time to talk before work, and had also brought me a present of a thermos with a dog on it, after I expressed a wish for a thermos so I wouldn't have to keep wasting the Styrofoam cups at work. Just a super fantastic crap day. Also, my wallet turned out to be inside my nightstand drawer, buried under all the stuff I had pushed over it while looking for something else in there, wallet originally in hand because I was transferring it from one purse to another and foolishly put it down inside the drawer.]

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