RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Little posts, little successes

I have been having a super awful week. Just miserable. Didn't get to go to my library sale, even -- two days of not being able to get anything done after work at night and then waking up late, forcing me to work every second until leaving for night work, ruined Thurs-Fri, and today I might have gotten out by noon, but instead my day is ruined by the JACKASS waiting until the last possible minute to get his shop in, which tl;dr I'm probably stuck here until at least 7:00 pm waiting for a reply because it's due today.

But I did do one really awesome thing: At the library, I noticed that this stupid book has been sitting on the request pick-up shelf next to my books (I request a lot of stuff) for quite some time, definitely longer than the one week it's supposed to be there if not picked up. Today I looked at it again and went PICK UP BY MARCH THIRD? TUNA, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, and marched it over to the library catalog, where sure enough, it had been listed as "lost." Well, of course it is! It's not checked out and it doesn't even belong at this branch. So, feeling very pleased with myself, I trotted it over to the desk so they could un-lost it and return it to its home location.

You're welcome, county. You're especially welcome, person #2 on the request list for the one copy that was previously left in circulation. I r a friend to the libraries!
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