RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

That's cool, I had nothing important in there.

Work email server stayed down the entirety of Sunday and at least until I stopped checking at noon today. It is now back up, but here is the notice I found on the editor homepage that was not there this morning:
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: YOU MUST USE ROUNDCUBE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. If you attempt to re-link Outlook, Thunderbird or any other email agent you will lose all saved messages in your folders. DO NOT RELINK TO OUTLOOK OR THUNDERBIRD until further notice.

Well, I was attempting to use Thunderbird yesterday (can't remember if used today), thinking for some reason that might help, even though I know it never does.

Number of emails in inbox / sent messages folder 2 days ago: approx. 3,000 each.
Number of emails in inbox  /sent messages today: 2

I may actually throw a sobbing fit if I've really lost everything for good. That's over three years of stuff, mostly important stuff (plus a bit of stuff I just forgot to delete until it got buried). Stuff I need, stuff I love, stuff that I use as templates so I don't have to spend 7-10 minutes stitching certain extra-lengthy emails together when shoppers have to redo a whole section. And also the answers to about 87 standard questions I will now have to re-ask as they come up, plus all the second edits providing a supplementary guide to how to score things. You know, stuff like that. Just basically my entire career.

INTERNET, IT IS 2014. WE HAVE THE CLOUD (whatever that is).If you can't use your fancy new technology to make sure that everything is triple-backed up and no one ever loses anything that is online ever, what are all you computer science and related majors even doing with your lives?
P.S. Thanks for convincing us all we needed to download and link our email accounts to email clients on our computer, work!

Edit: On the bright side, I found that Brookside "dark chocolate + fruit flavors" stuff that the commercials make sound so delectable at Aldi for $3 a bag, which is high for Aldi but probably reasonable for this brand (5 servings at 16 pieces a serving, the pieces being spheres about the size of yogurt-covered raisins...and the internet tells me even Wal-Mart has it priced at $3.58). MAN IT IS DELICIOUS, and normally I'm not even a huge fan of dark chocolate over milk or white. So worth the price. I also ate a lot of Real Food + had only water instead of Diet Coke today, and besides skipping on junk food, I think the water especially is already a huge factor in my mood and energy levels.
Tags: food, rage-o-hol, work

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