RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Ultimate frustration!

Craigslist has inexplicably changed its garage sale ad displays in the most user-unfriendly manner possible. Have a look. Instead of being able to see when an ad was posted, like all other sections, you have to select the day of the sale (it defaults to "today," so if you browse on a Monday or Tuesday in an attempt to plan ahead, you're pretty much guaranteed a blank page and the extra step of choosing a day). If you select the Friday date, you'll have to select another date to reveal sales that might only run on the weekend. You really have to select each individual day you want to go out, because I've already found two flaws in this function: one sale running "Thursday-Saturday" only showed up on Thursday and Saturday, not Friday. Also, when you post the ad it only lets you select a max. of 3 days in its menu that presumably runs that script, so...not helpful if your sale runs longer.

Even if you try to speed up the process by choosing "All Days," that's still an extra step/page refresh you have to make after you enter the main URL. And in that case? You'll have to open each individual ad to find out if it's running this weekend, or it's an old ad from last week. It's really frustrating and makes the process of trying to quickly identify all garage sales in a given area take twice as long. Unless their purpose is to drive up ad revenue for newspapers, because after two weeks of trying to use this I'm already thinking it would be better to just look at the print classifieds, I don't see the point.

I've said it before and I will say it again: STOP TRYING TO THINK FOR YOUR USERS, INTERNET. We are capable of using our reasoning skills.

Worst of all, I cannot figure out what to google to find WHY the hell this change occurred or see if other people are as frustrated with it as I am; I can't find mention or discussion of it anywhere. So please talk it out with me?

(I am also in a peevish mood because Aldi's "while supplies last" supply of Brookside was literally gone within 24 hours, at least from the time I saw it, when I went back thinking I would like to stockpile a second bag. I expect stock to change between Sat. and Sun. when new specials occur, but not Mon.-Tues.)
Tags: rage-o-hol, wtf posts
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