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Lost - 3x17

Dear People of LJ: I know how much you love certain 'ships; sometimes I love them too, but I would appreciate it if your icons could please not be of sex scenes, thnx. And could they please ESPECIALLY not be animated? Thank you. I had a friend in high school who would cover my ears when people around us started swearing or cracking vulgar jokes and order "Stop poisoning my Stephanie's ears!" I need Angie back.

Lost: Catch-22
The teaser kind of scared the crap out of me. I think I already said this in a comment somewhere, but it bears repeating in my archives - in the shock of the moment, I thought Charlie was really dead. After all those weeks of too-obvious foreshadowing, if you were going to kill him, you'd want to kill him off in the teaser without any additional buildup, when nobody's expecting it. And what a terribly violent death - arrow through the neck! Ew ew ew, icky, and "Noooo, not my hobbit!" But then I remembered that it was a Desmond episode, where nothing is as it seems.

Speaking of which, the fact that it was a Desmond episode meant that I went merrily whirring past the flashbacks without a pause. Nope, sorry, don't care. Objectively I know I should think the man is handsome, and God knows I adore Scottish accents, but he is just too wild-eyed crazy for me to stand. I also can't find it in my heart to be moved by his and Penny's epic romance, because every time I look at her, all I see is Charlie Epps' trampy ex-girlfriend, the one who jumped his bones last spring and made for the most unbearable Numb3rs episode ever.

I'm already bored with Naomi the Parachute Girl, too. Of allllll the new characters that have been introduced since the pilot episode, Alex, Rousseau, Juliet, and possibly Karl are the only ones I've liked. Hated all the Tailaways, all the other Others...I hate a lot of people on this show, now that I think about it.

Among the people I don't hate are Jin, however, whom I like when he's playing the sweet and sensitive husband role (not the sexist/domineering/control freak one), but whom I think I might like even more when he's out among the guys. I think it's fantastic that even though he doesn't really speak the same language, they're happy to include him...nobody really understands exactly what he's saying, but they get the jist of it and just sort of go along. The ghost story was about the funniest thing I've ever seen - I jumped back and yipped the same as Hurley did at the yell...and then giggled hysterically.

All right, on to what to what I really want to talk about - the beach subplot(s). I had a hard time sitting through Jack and Kate's discussion; it was like she was trying too hard to pretend they were just friends and there had never been any accusations of deeper feelings on either side. Not that I wanted them to bring that crap up, I just...didn't want to watch them interact at all right now. To that end, I was glad to see Jack extricate himself from the conversation. He wasn't picking up on her edginess, and for once I was glad that he wasn't being especially perceptive. Off to dine with Juliet, good man! Having banished last week's ending from my head, just seeing them sitting together, talking and laughing, did my heart a world of good. Not so the Kate/Sawyer scenes.

The first one started off well, I admit. Sawyer strolling over and knocking on Kate's door and asking Freckles if she's home was strangely adorable, although I can't believe Kate's first response is "Thought you weren't allowed to use nicknames." Oh, for cripes' sake, Kate. The way he calls you "Freckles" is about the cutest term of endearment I've ever heard, and you know it. It doesn't even count as a nickname. Things quickly went south when he decided to enter anyway, where of COURSE he caught her in the middle of changing, and of course seeing as they've already slept together and as far as he knows they're a couple, he doesn't see any reason not to let his eyes wander over her. Oh, and then try to get in a little "afternoon delight." CRAP. This is exactly what I was afraid of happening if these two ever ended up in a real relationship - up for sex anywhere, anytime, because why not?

I did rather like his yelps of protest as she backed him right out of her tent and sauntered off. Hee. Try an' contain yourself, James.

But the second one...the one...HISS.

I hate, hate, hate any such scenes that start off with the woman ordering things around. "Shut up and don't talk" is about the fastest way to kill anything positive about a love scene (I feel like that should be in quotes, actually, since love appeared to have little to do with it). I hate reading about or watching people seeking sex for emotional detachment. It is EXTRAORDINARILY off-putting. In fact, the only redeeming bit about it is when Sawyer pushes her back, sounding bewildered and not a little concerned, upon realizing she's crying. Squee factor x10,000 over those five seconds, between his voice and his expression. But then it's gone, and I go back to a state of annoyance that quickly turns into revulsion when she starts working her mouth down his chest and I'm 89% sure I actually see her lick him.  My eyes pop out of my head and I can't believe this is actually still unfolding on network TV when her hand trails down his body and out of sight. I think I was about to have a stroke if it hadn't mercifully cut away.  Poor Evangeline.  I very much doubt "Island Playbunny" was in the character description when she read for the part.

Okay. I went all over LJ looking for rationalizations for the scene, but pretty much all I could find was "the sex was hawt!", so I ended up rewatching this scene more times than I ever wanted to trying to rationlize it myelf.  I haven't come up with much. It would be one thing entirely if she'd just plain looked lonely. I mean, it's not like Jack was kissing Juliet. He wasn't even touching her; they were just sitting together as friends (albeit very good friends). And after Jack walked away from her, I could have seen Kate going to Sawyer looking for that same closeness. But the thing of it is, that sight seemed to physically drive her to Sawyer, in desperation. Honestly, all I saw in her face when she was watching them was a combination of bitterness and jealousy. Something like You know what, I don't care about Jack. Bastard. It doesn't matter. He can fuck whoever he wants; he's the one that'll be screwed over in the end.  I have better things to think about.

But even that reading doesn't hold up for long, because what starts as something like revenge sex quickly degenerates with the addition of her tears.  Given how viciously she directs his attention away from that, she seems absolutely miserable, frustrated and helpless that she can't make Jack realize that Juliet is not on their side, that she's pulling him farther apart from the group, and meanwhile she's here with Sawyer and it's largely meaningless.  It's like she's "settling," basically.  Giving up on what she can't fix, but not happy about it.

Though props for K/S scene #3, in which he calls her out on using him without getting angry about it.  He's not especially hurt either, but the smile seemed a little wistful.  Poor Sawyer, he puts up with so much crap from her.  And no, I still can't stand hearing her call him James.  Certain guys...when you get used to calling them by last name only, spoken by the right person, the last name sounds more intimate than the first.  Mulder, for example.  Can you really picture Scully calling him "Fox"?  And much as I try, I can't think of Grissom as "Gil" either, because even though I know Catherine calls him that sometimes...I can't see Sara using it.  Sawyer is just Sawyer, nothing more and nothing less.

I perked up a little at the preview, in which he and Kate appear to be kissing with both looking perfectly happy about it for once, so I'm hoping the little bit of conflict in this episode just serves to make them stronger once they work through it. 

P.S. Heh, almost forgot...Jack and Sawyer playing ping-pong = AMUSING!  Did I ever tell you how much I like their friendship moments?  Especially how proud the latter is of finally doing something better than Jack.  Sounds like my best friend and I back in the days of our constant competition for grades in high school.  She ALWAYS won, because she was a freaking genius, but once in a while I could beat her by a tiny margin on a paper or something, and it would be the highlight of my week.
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