RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Suffering for Kat McPhee's art.

Right now, I am suffering through a Hallmark movie for the sole reason that it stars Katharine McPhee and Dale "Barbie" Barbra (or Mike Vogel, I guess) as dream-crossed lovers and MAN that is a whole lot of pretty destined to kiss. It is also a whole lot of cheesy dialogue and Overly Dramatic Music Moments. Like it's bad even by Hallmark standards, even though I know these two can act. TBH, it's probably a better movie on mute. And/or chopped down into only their dream sequences together. Maybe YouTube could mash those up and set them to music.
My Easter Sunday was pretty good. Mass only ran fifteen minutes overtime instead of thirty, so that's only fifteen minutes of unreasonableness (GET IT TOGETHER, DUDE AT THE FRONT. Stop inviting "all the children" to come forward and sit around you in a semi-circle for your homily and then turning it into an agonizing Sunday School lesson where you take forever asking stupid questions for them to respond to).

The temperature hit 70 today (!), so after church I spent an agonizingly long time on work and then sat in the sun for a couple of hours and read books. I would have gone on a walk, but I am wearing a super pretty new skirt I got for $3 at Goodwill (it wasn't even on sale -- I can't figure out why it was so cheap; it's in great condition). It's a plum-colored broom skirt, falling to a few inches above the ankle, and hemmed with a strip of lace decorated by sequins and seed beads. Paired with a perfect white blouse and dangly pink sequin earrings. Obviously, I wanted to show it off as long as possible.

Then we went to dinner at Applebee's. I was not impressed with their (slightly dry and chewy, WAY over-seasoned and salty) fries...but my parents got the 2 for $20 so we all shared the appetizer, and their honey barbecue boneless wings are amazing. I don't even usually like boneless wings that much. Also, my mom got their oriental chicken salad, and although it came in a RIDICULOUSLY oversized bowl (it was twice as big as our platters and looked like it was made to serve family-style -- but the "half size" salad was only $1 less so it didn't seem to make sense to get that), I tried some of it and it was amazing. I'm making Chris come here with me just so I can order that. (Applebee's Carside to Go, you say? Well that's just entirely too efficient).

--------------, that tiny blog entry took all my energy and didn't even include any of my backlogged post topics. Which now include such new topics as:
* I found a new Savers!
* I might be doing something fun this summer, vacation-wise.
* ....I am too tired to even finish this list.

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