RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Bright spots to my day
-we got our emails back at work, safe and sound. All 6,000 of my babies are back! (I should really probably clean it out someday)
-if I can get ahead of work tonight & tomorrow, I get to go to a library sale on Thursday morning! With Chris, even! IT'S GONNA BE MAGICAL.

II. HOLD UP what is happening on Game of Thrones?
Back during the Red Wedding, I vaguely remember a comment saying "lol just wait until we get to ____", which I've since forgotten but am assuming is what's happening RIGHT NOW because despite reading every spoiler text available, the first thing here came as a total jaw-dropping shock.
-Evil Joffrey is dead?? (high five!) (high fifty!) (I assume this causes problems for Sansa but meh SO EXCITED AWFUL FACE IS GONE) What happened? Who/what killed him and how? I could Wiki but I'm lazy and I like your interpretations.

-Some sort of gross creepy incest rape with Jaime? (lol bye vague notions of shippin' Jaime/Brienne)

What other exciting things are happening in the land of Fake Medieval Europe? That's all I've heard about so far. My interest is waning quickly, so make your answers fast.

III. I'm behind on Survivor, but as I haven't posted about it since March...

I'm not actually sure how far behind I am, since the last person I saw kicked out was Morgan. I'm not sure I'm really loving the change in Kass's gameplay -- on the one hand, I think she'll go far and it's interesting to watch; on the other, conniving players always leave a bad taste in my mouth (unless they are Tony, who is maybe the first person ever to make me believe he's actually having fun playing, and not making the game personal or trying to be mean). I especially didn't like that she decided Tasha was ~against her~ for trying to stabilize the volatile swing vote. Tuna, are you kidding me! Do they not teach conflict resolution in law school or...

But I did greatly enjoy the removal of J'Tia, the delightful merge, the Wild Playing of Idols Everywhere! (I was SHOCKED to see Sarah go after all that -- but I guess better her than Jeffra, as well executed as that secondary voting strategy should have been) and the Mad Dash for the Idols that followed Sarah's departure. Spencer's crowing "I found it right in front of her!" confessional was great.

I am really enjoying Spencer's bitterness over The Betrayal of Kass. The face he made with "Zero chance of winning the game" deserved several rewinds. It seems like the kind of thing he'll get over, but I like how intensely personal he's making it right now. I can relate.

Tags: game of thrones, survivor, tv commentary

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