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Random post time

1. I narrowly avoided running over a rabbit last night, as in "I slammed on the brakes so hard when it darted in front of me that if there had been someone behind me they probably would have rear-ended me." I'm really glad I didn't hit the rabbit, because that's right after cat and dog on the list of "animals I would feel the most horrible about hitting," but I'm also worried about the likelihood of being rear-ended in the future because this is not an instinct I can turn off, and I also don't think I can change it to "swerve" instead of "stop."

2. I bought two things from Target last night that are pretty much amazing: Van Kaas hickory-wood-smoked gouda, which is currently on sale for $3! for an 8-oz. circle, and is the most amazingly flavored cheese I have everrrrr tasted in my entire life. Paired with Fuji Apple flavored sparkling water, it makes an indescribable treat. If I have already said this, ignore me.

3. I went to my 2nd favorite library sale of the year, and it was disappointing. I'm torn between "good job culling the actual culls and not the good books," and "BUT NOW I CAN'T OWN THE GOOD BOOKS CHEAPLY." Its most redeeming factor was the prevalence of 1980s hardcovers in teen fic, but as I had not read any of them, they were not enough to either ping nostalgia or stand out on their own. I paced around in frustration for like an hour and ultimately only came out with five items, only one or two of which I'm sure I'm keeping. $4.50 for the batch.
a) Very LeFreak by Rachel Cohn, which I am very excited about owning because I just forever have a great memory of liking that crazy girl.

b) Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger by Louis Sachar. 2 out of 3 on the Wayside School front now.

c) Sandy and the Rock Star by Walt Morey. I'm kinda meh about it, but I like Morey and its semi-animal-themed and from the 70s. More of a boys' adventure book than I usually like in my vintage juvenile lit (teenage musician flees his stressful life and ends up on a wild island, befriends former trained cougar who has been sold and released there for a semi-canned hunt) so I'm trying very hard to convince myself to read and release it, yes even though it is vintage! I fear I shall not be successful, given what nice condition it's in.

d) Mr. Tweedy, a sweet 1970 memoir of a pet robin. It's in near-mint condition, albeit a book club edition, and I think I remember the original short story from one of my Reader's Digest animal story compilations.

e) A Bird in the Hand and a Bear in the Bush: A Halfway House for Wildlife. Another nonfiction memoir of a couple who rehabilitate wildlife. I bought it mainly because I loved the affection shown in a book called Six Seasons with the Bears and I saw a photo of one of the authors getting a real-life bear hug and I wanted more of that. What's fun about this book is that in addition to a loosely-affixed bookplate and a 1983 Christmas dedication, when I opened it, out fell a sweet little handwritten note to the recipient of the book explaining why they thought she would like it.
Tags: book sales, thrifty shopping

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