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Well, that was my weekend.

One of the few weekends where I didn't meet with Chris, as neither of us were feeling very good (also, I need night work to be over like whoa -- this is officially draining). But I felt better today, partly as a result of being able to sleep until 9:45, and partly because I went to a church sale + estate sale on Friday, and partly because I went to other thrfit stores today, and scrounged up some fun things:


$1 apiece. The necklaces are perfect -- just what I've been looking for in the bright-colored-but-not-cheap-looking beads to brighten up a couple of my crew-neck solid black tops (the coral-red one is the exact color I wanted to find last year!), and the sweater...well, I couldn't try it on before buying, it's just Target brand, and I think it's a little too tight on me. But it's borderline "acceptably fitted," so I'll see if losing a few pounds doesn't do the trick before I abandon it.

A Vintage Affair is from the church sale, Doodlebug is from Goodwill. 50 cents each. I am SO EXCITED about the first one because I read it a few months ago and it's amazing and I always despair of being able to find adult fiction books I have enjoyed, so my jaw fell open when I saw it sitting there, pretty and in brand new condition. I am pretty excited about the second one because it's a childhood favorite, and even though this is a banal Weekly Reader edition (the Oprah's Book Club of retro juvenile literature), it's still hardcover and it still has beautifully detailed pencil illustrations.

Things I Saw But Did Not Buy at the Church Sale: a zip-up cashmere hoodie from Bloomingdales. I'm pretty sure it would have been worth money on eBay, and they were selling it for $2. I didn't buy it because it was a size small and there is literally no way I am ever going to figure out how you eBay anything, so it would just take up space while I dreamed of reselling it. But I hope someone got a great deal out of that. There was even ANOTHER size-small 100% cashmere sweater (not Bloomingdales) right next to it.

I've never been madder not to know any tiny ladies for whom I could buy this as a gift, it was that good of a deal.


I found a shrug! It's more of a sweater-type than the polyester/spandex blend I was hoping for, and it might still be a touch small as a medium, but it's closer to the item I've been questing for all year than anything I've seen. Anyway, it was brand-new with tags from Kohl's, originally priced at $42 (who knows why) with a sale sticker for 50% off, I got it from Goodwill for $4.50. The second top was $3, a short-sleeved open-front top with ruched sleeves. I'm debating whether I have anything to wear with it or if I should splurge another $6 on this pale pink sleeveless top I saw there, which looks great with this but which I would never wear on its own because I'm just not a fan of sleeveless tops, between the needing to shave, the bra revealing, and the actual appearance of one's upper arms when one is neither a toothpick nor in possession of muscle tone, a.k.a. most people. I think I should probably not splurge and just enjoy the excuse to browse the sleeveless section for other tops with better deals.

ALSO: I found like 20+ Bill Peet books at Goodwill. But they are paperbacks so I cannot make myself pay $2 apiece for them, and I'm not even sure I can bring myself to pay $1 apiece, so I am just gonna cross all my fingers and toes that at least some of them make it to 20-CENT-BOOKS-DAY, HELL YEAH! and then I will swoop down like a hawk and profit.

I made a quick stop at Savers, too, where I once again found a pair of original My Little was a cute baby flutter pony with her wings intact, but she had a haircut and was in a $4 bag, while the other pony was an adult but had her name written in permanent marker on her hoof and was in a $5 bag, so I did not buy either. Stupid Savers and their stupid overpriced grab bags.

Oh shoot! I got another cute top, but I forgot to take a photo because I'm wearing it...well, I'm not going back now. I also forgot to take a picture of the 5 DVDs I may or may not have bought from a guy who had about 200 for sale at his garage sale from every conceivable genre, for $2 each. I could put those in one post...or I could just list them here, because why not.

-How I Met Your Mother, season 1 (even though I'm pretty sure this is still at least my 2nd least favorite season, if not least favorite)
-The Last Unicorn, 25th anniversary edition
-Double feature: Never Been Kissed/Uptown Girls
-Double feature: 13 Going on 30/Little Black Book
(I love how it looks like I'm on a Brittany Murphy kick, when really I bought it for the other movies, which are among my top 10 favorite rom-coms. That said, Uptown Girls is a pretty cute B-side and I don't think I have my FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME on DVD for some strange reason, so that was an easy sell. Meanwhile, I do have 13 Going on 30, but the amount I enjoy Little Black Book is crazy, so I decided to upgrade.)

I should probably consider watching some of my stockpiled TV soon. Aside from like one episode of Survivor and two partial episodes of Glee (yeah, I watched the Klaine storyline for 5x17, and then my brain exploded with such a happiness overload because ANGST!!! that it nearly rivaled the proposal joy, so I was unable to process it with words), I literally haven't watched ANYTHING not on DVD since the night job started April 1st. I have so many episodes of so many shows log-jammed up in my imaginary DVR that it's actively painful to think about.

In unrelated news, the Dollar Tree by the library got a remodel that included a brand-new FREEZER SECTION!! and I am OVERJOYED!!

because previously the closest DT with a freezer section was 5 miles away, and the few times I've been in there it's been heavenly. This will be perfect not only for a sweet cold treat at better prices than DQ when I'm out on a hot day, but the convenience of things like frozen veggies and actual lunch meat/cheese (versus suspiciously unrefrigerated cheese product sticks) without having to make a separate grocery store trip, and the price-per-ounce is still competitive with regular grocery stores, which is not always the case with their products.

[speaking of dollar stores: I visited a Family Dollar today, just to see what it was like, and my reaction was pretty much LOL WHO SHOPS HERE. I couldn't find anything I normally buy except candy and possibly packs of underwear that was less expensive than or even the same price per ounce/unit as either the Dollar Tree or most regular grocery stores. Am I missing something? What do people buy there?]
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