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This is just some random TV, ignore me.

Man, I have GOT to stop watching Criminal Minds to put myself to bed. When will I learn that it inevitably involves horrible and bloody nightmares?

9x20, Blood Relations: Oh wow. That was SUPER good. And also really terrifying, like that woman being chained between a refrigerator and a truck that's taking off with plenty of seconds for her and her helpless husband to contemplate her horrible fate? That's been in and out of my nightmares for sure. But overall, super twisty and complicated and had me hooked on the edge of my seat wondering where it would lead. Even when the answer of "incest baby monster" became apparent, there was still a lot of story left to go. AND THAT SHOCK VALUE ENDING?? SO GOOD. Like an X-Files ending, damn.

9x21, What Happens in Mecklinburg: Middling. Another trifecta of (1) why would you ever go to a college party that has alcohol -- like I'm not even sure you can go and just not drink anymore, I think you just need to avoid them entirely (2) nobody in real life actually wants to join groups who haze them right? and (3) when people complain about campus rape being covered up/not taken seriously, I feel like this is not usually the kind they are talking about. Did we not cover this about this time last year?

But I will grant you that the evil-looking oddly realistic pig mask was super terrifying (Animal Farm is real!!!), and I had a very specific nightmare about people I knew being strung up and assaulted with various objects, so for a storyline I didn't much like, good job on freaking me out. I also have to say, I really liked the attacker's capturing methods as well as the specific reason for her rage. I don't think I would have punished the girl who "brought her there" (newsflash: YOUR SISTER WENT TO THAT PARTY WILLINGLY. Why don't you blame yourself for not raising her like my parents raised me), but otherwise, I could get behind her break with sanity.

3 left, yes? I think I'll come back when they finish airing.


Survivor: I still can't believe how much I love everyone who's left! I would honestly be OK with anyone winning at this point. Tasha is my favorite just because she's the most likable AND playing an amazing game -- the sweetest and most social person with never a bad word to say about anyone, and current reigning challenge monster (3 individual immunity wins??). Tony is the first not-so-likable person whom I've ever wanted to reward for his skill in playing. Usually I'm like, "I don't care what their strategy was. They're awful! Don't reward them!" But he has really played an amazing game, full of risks, but really leveraging himself to the best possible position. Between that, finding idols, and being a great help at camp, he would definitely deserve it. (I still can't over the Idol of Special Powers. I can't decide if I love its awesome trumpin' possibilities or hate how easy it makes the game for someone, but am leaning toward the former, since I'd be really excited if anyone but Tony had it)

Then there's Kass, whom I also have to admit is playing a very smart personal game, burning bridges yet coming out no worse for the wear and perhaps bettering her own position (though I still think she could have gone final 3 with her original tribe, since they were so tight). Spencer is just a big determined puppy, constantly back against the wall but always wriggling out of it ;I admire his refusal to give up. And, of course, Woo is just a delightful human being. Kind of dull to see him go along with Tony, but such a nice guy. Oh - and then there's Trish. I guess I don't love her, but she's also done literally nothing of value that would cause people to give her the million. She's just impressive for keeping herself as Tony's right-hand woman this whole time, given how he's sacrificing all his other close allies in paranoia.

The challenges have been great. I loved the color challenge - I was actually able to keep everything straight, but I expected it to go on a lot more than two rounds. Maybe some were cut for time? Loved the auction, though sad Tash didn't get any food. I wanted what Kass had -- if I were out there, I would have craved nothing so much as a meaty sandwich and some salty fries. I also really enjoyed the challenge where they were rowing out to collect paddles and then had to form a puzzle. (and also, aww @ Jeremiah apologizing over and over for accidentally konking Jeffra on the head with one. Those two are so pretty. I'm definitely not out hunting for a Western/rural-themed YA romance to cast those two in now.)

So funny to see Kass fail at solving the word puzzle, too. Was that the one that saw them going off into the caves? I loved that. A pity they didn't lock Jeffra into their foursome the way the stars seemed to have aligned for them to do so, but it was nice to see her seriously consider it.

And on an unrelated note -- why yes, yes I did immediately go google "Jeremiah Wood + model." This material seems useful.

Also, I keep watching NCIS 1 or 2 episodes at a time, meaning to compile my thoughts into one post, but I never do. So here, have another episode dump.

11x14, Monsters and Men: the episode description says "Meanwhile, Bishop reveals her past association with the elusive terrorist." I dreaded watching it because of that, but I don't remember anything about how that went down other than it was really boring. Was that the one where she ended up on a ship with him and somehow foolishly allowed anyone to take their eyes off of him for a second? Still boring. This title just makes me want to play "Little Talks" on loop.

11x15, Bulletproof: I liked the actual plot of this one, with the fake military vests that shatter into shrapnel upon impact, and the skydiving lessons from the paraplegic.

11x16, Dressed to Kill: the episode description included a huge focus on Tony's father, so naturally I skipped it.

11x17 Rock and a Hard Place: Half fun and quirky case about babysitting an aging former rockstar, half almost-endearing frazzled almost-a-father!Jimmy, and then a twist at the end that triggered my "hey what if instead of allocating funds for abstinence-only education, we allocated those funds to programs that normalize the idea of letting financially and emotionally stable couples adopt your newborn so fewer couples got their hearts ripped out at the last second" feelings. Two hearts hurt worse than one, that's all I'm sayin'.

I think I started Crescent City but fell asleep, so I guess I'll rewatch both parts before I move on. I am going to say that I am incapable of taking Scott Bakula as a serious actor for any reason (I really only know him as the butt of a TWoP joke and maybe a reality show, and between his face and the fact that I mistook his last name as the title of a campy vampire parody TV movie, that feeling has stuck), so upon recently learning this was supposed to be a backdoor pilot for an actual spinoff, I laughed myself to tears.
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