RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Hilariously Unhelpful Summer 2014 Watchlist

September 2, 2014: I'm retiring this post. We still have 2 weeks until the TV season opens, but honestly, pretty demoralized by TV right now.
So it turns out that being in a relationship takes up some of the free time I used to have to tackle television. Which is absolutely fine, as TV is a consolation prize for not being in a relationship, but it also means that much like last year, I probably will not have time to tackle more than half of the episodes below. And this is half as much TV as I had on the watchlist last year. But just for my own peace of mind, I thought, what the hey. Let's figure out exactly how many episodes of TV I have on my imaginary DVR, shall we?

[NEW: Green text highlights episodes that, X months or years in the future, I still have not seen. You can check the show's tag to confirm.]

Revolution: 13 (starting at 2x10)
Community: 8 (currently at 5x06)
Glee: 19 (currently at 5x02, officially)
Reign: 21 (currently at 1x02)
Law & Order: SVU: 22 (currently at 15x03)
Castle: 24 (currently at 5x24)
Grey's Anatomy: ...2 seasons (so like, a million episodes?)

Watching Live
Under the Dome (season 2)

[I'm going to keep the above list update, so the spoiler cut is just a copy of what it originally looked like on May 7]
Starting Values: May 7, 2014
Survivor: 1
Criminal Minds: 3
Intelligence: 2
The Crazy Ones: 4

2 Broke Girls: 5
(starting at 3x20)
Sleepy Hollow: 5
Two and a Half Men: 6
The Mindy Project: 8 (starting at 2x15)
NCIS: 7 (starting at 11x17)
Revolution: 13 (starting at 2x10)
Community: 17 (starting at 4x10)
Glee: 19
Reign: 21
Law & Order: SVU: Entire season minus 2
Castle: 2 seasons
Grey's Anatomy: 2 seasons
Tags: scheduling, watch list

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