RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Oh god, I'm not ready for this.

[insert Marshall.gif]

#posts that are probably more appropriate for Tumblr #EXCEPT OH WAIT I CAN'T GO TO THERE #because unless there is some sort of Tumblr client that allows remote posting #their stupid-ass site design displays your dashboard, highly visible in the background, every time you want to post or reblog something #and there will be NO SPOILERS TONIGHT

P.S. I love that this is the first I might actually need the "previously on" segment. Assuming I'm going to watch every storyline. Which I am tempted to not, mostly because I want to pretend Rachel's is not happening; this whole thing has spiraled out of control from "just what we wanted" to a genetically modified super-mutant that is no longer taking orders from anyone sane.
Tags: feelings explosion, glee

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