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Livejournal redesigns again, continues to make every thing uglier. Communities shocked.

Luckily I found the magic button to change it back, as long as they'll let me, which is when I was finally able to confirm why the change was so hard on my eyes. There's color, but there's no distinction. It's all just blue and white, whereas the current LJ homepage -- besides having infinitely more useful header, you know, with words and stuff -- has multiple colors and images, including but not limited to all-important little symbols to distinguish users from communities. (plus, you know, my general hatred of having to reveal things by tabs, a/k/a "every time you redesign the profile page it gets infinitely worse SO STOP IT")
I found the greatest dog rescue in the world: FINALLY! A non-breed-specific rescue site, featuring pictures, that does not force me to wade through 87 rat-like dogs to find a few super-cute ones. I love all dogs in theory, especially if I can pet them, but it turns out that the majority of dogs in this world are not ones I would want to live with for years, given that there is a pretty low limit on the number of dogs one residence can keep.
In case you missed it, since it was backdated, here is a whole bunch of text on NCIS, Community season 4, and a couple of Criminal Minds episodes.

Survivor: I am pretty sure that Kass hurt her chances of getting votes after flipping Trish off. Now, I have seen Trish bully, but not enough to the point that I think Kass is going to get a lot of sympathy for hating her, as opposed to looking like a bully herself. I do, however, think/sincerely hope it's going to be a pretty close race for the money. I still think everyone has both genuinely good and bad things about their game, with no clear winners and no clear piggy-backers. If it's a runaway vote, I will be SHOCKED unless something crazy happens at tribal.

But on the bright side, it was so heartwarming to see Spencer screaming for Jeff when he solved the puzzle and then totally flipped out upon confirmation of a win. Just so great. I'm especially impressed because I can't follow the logic of those puzzles. Even those little 9-piece puzzles I end up sliding around like Tony for hours, getting nowhere. Too spacial/visual for my brain.

Finally, I've closed out a few more shows in the past 2 nights; time for roundups:

Intelligence: well, I will be sorry to see Rugged Manly Soldier Boy leave my screen, but I'm sure I'll have forgotten about it by next year. I would have continued to watch a second season, but it was nice of them to offer both a satisfactory closing scene and an optional 3 minutes to set up a cliffhanger. It was a weak cliffhanger, though. Lillian's father is the Shadowy Big Band! And he's working with Mei Chen! Oh noooooo! (And then, "Eh.") I was bored with Mei Chen after her second appearance, so I'm glad I won't have to sit through that just to watch Gabriel hotly being hot. Though I am a little sorry we'll never have an excuse to seriously explore the partners-OR MORE?? chemistry. I was just starting to think I might enjoy that by the end. And by "that" I mean "not necessarily canon, but maybe set up a lot more hurt/comfort scenarios with high emotional stakes that looks like how people in love react."

Oh, wait, that was just my response to the finale; I missed writing a few episodes before that. Let's see...I enjoyed the paralyzed bomb-maker, got some chuckles out of the computer-hacker one, and I LOVED the Jin Cong-themed hack of the chip that made Gabriel turn on his own people. Lots of good action in that one. I think I'm going to miss Agent Boy almost as much as Riley and Gabriel and Lilian. I mean I didn't learn his name or anything, but...


2 Broke Girls 3x20-24: I'm just going to cover the whole rest of the season here, starting with the GLORIOUS BREAKUP OF MAX AND DEEKS. Reactions --

  • The end of the extremely long pastry school arc was the dumbest thing ever

  • Even though I'm really happy about the breakup, it seemed stupid for Max to insist on dumping him so he wouldn't lose his inheritance. GOSH, IF ONLY YOU HAD KEPT THAT MILLION BUCKS HE GAVE YOU, HUH? Also, what is this about him not being able to handle being poor? Caroline learned how to handle being poor. COMMON THEME: Max will take you in and teach you how to deal.

  • I did not enjoy Max making a fool of herself, sweating like crazy and ultimately spilling stripper secrets in front of polite company. Or Caroline being a fool and admitting to her real last name. If she hasn't legally changed it already, how hard is it to freaking lie when she is aware of exactly what kind of reaction she'll get from every rich person ever?

  • The Lindsay Lohan episode wasn't really that great, mostly because I am a fan of blacklisting Lindsay so hard she has to either work as a waitress or live on the streets as punishment for any one of the random mistakes she's made page age 18, and also OMG what happened to her VOICE? Wait. Now I'm was pretty funny, just for the sheer joy of the girls having their real lives back, no stupid dudes allowed, so that their best-friendship could shine again.

  • BONUS: Flo the Insurance Lady as a stressed wedding planner??E

  • Enjoyed Sophie's new almost-fiance she met 3 days ago, until she saw him beat a guy who owed him money half to death

  • I was legitimately terrified for a hot minute there when Caroline almost lost her horse (in related news: remember that time the Channing estate was auctioned off and Caroline lost everything down to her silly trophies? Yeah, I'm pretty sure a horse is considered a bigger asset than a trophy won by said horse -- how come she didn't lose him years ago? NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING.)

  • Awwww'd at Earl "coming out of retirement" to win enough on the track to save their butts and Chestnut's too

  • I laughed forever and ever at the girls trying to psych themselves up to sleep with the apartment owner so as not to have to stop living together...then running right back out all. "See you on Saturdays for coffee!"

  • I was just really happy with Max's instant declaration that she's not ready to live without Caroline yet.

  • The season finale was really sweet, all full of Happy Max Who Is Actually Trying to Succeed At Stuff And Be Proud Of Herself and supportive best-friendship stuff. Although it was so unrealistic I'm not even going to touch it.

  • (yes I am. in the extremely unlikely event that one test was the difference between graduating and not graduating -- it's possible, but the odds are low -- what school wouldn't bend over backwards to let you make it up asap? And if they don't, what school would let you make it up years later, instead of being like 'sorry, too old; now you gotta do actual coursework and get a G.E.D."? Like I'm not even sure the diploma she has is any more legal than her pastry school one)

Next year, how 'bout we get way less bogged down in awful love interest arcs that go nowhere, and also maybe have fewer painfully stereotyped flaming gays, whaddya say? I commend you for bringing in a cat, changing up the cupcake shop location and trying to give Max emotional growth, but that's about all I took away from season 3, and most of that happened in the first third of the season.


Criminal Minds, 9x24, "Demons": Well, let's see. On the one hand, we got to see more of the evil deputy; I was quite fascinated by the deep, deep levels of corruption and illegal money rings going on in that poor helpless town. I can't imagine what it would be like to face constant intimidation by everyone with a badge. (particularly loved the cars closing in around Blake and...and whats his face. I still don't know how they got out of that)

And there was some EXCELLENT focus on Reid. I was worried, based on some filming spoilers, that he was mostly going to be off screen, but instead he just took half the episode on over to the hospital. SO CUTE when Garcia set up the little Doctor Who figurines so they'd be the first thing he saw upon waking up. And SO AMAZING that she stepped up to the plate and was pretty much the only force between him and a murderer on multiple occasions. I may have let out a "hell yeah" when she somehow got it together long enough to shoot the guy. Loved her half-deaf babbling in shock until Reid convinced her she'd saved his life.

(sidebar: not sure where else to put this, but awww! for JJ calling back to the line in the premiere. "You know he wants kids?")

Finally, I really appreciated Alex with her guilt and refusal to leave until he was conscious and talking, almost as much as I appreciated her taking him home. And even though I had completely forgotten the possibility of her contract ending and was COMPLETELY unprepared to see her leave, like off-the-show leave, that was fitting too. She wormed her way into my heart the day I joined the show with her gently ability to pry the truth of Maeve out of Reid, so the connection between the two of them has always been my favorite. So the mirroring of him asking and hearing about Ethan, and that final "Bye, Alex," just... my heart is a little bit broken but also very full and warm.

P.S. But part of me is still very indignant and all JUST HOW DO YOU PLAN TO REPLACE HER? WHY DO YOU PLAN TO REPLACE HER? Do you not understand that you somehow struck very rare gold by finding someone who fits so perfectly into the team she makes Emily look like the outsider, and the odds of you doing it again are just super low?


The Crazy Ones: well, I always enjoy a good Josh Groban guest-starring role, especially if he's going to be a ten times more ostentatious and famous and obnoxious Danny Chase than before. But Braid Paisley really drags down the enjoyment. I guess I don't have much to say about the end of the season -- well series. I'm sad it's been canceled, because I'll miss the entire cast minus the chick with the crazy eyes, and I'm really pissed that it did more poorly in the numbers than either "Mom" or "The Millers." I just don't understand how I'm supposed to live in a world without James Wolk being both a hot and non-threatening ladies' man on a weekly basis! Plus the stories, man. It was a unique take on a workplace-based show, and I really enjoyed meeting each new client and seeing the crazy pitches that somehow came together at the end. And Robin Williams! And Sarah Michelle Gellar! WHO JUST THROWS THAT TALENT IN THE GARBAGE CAN AT THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR.

But, to make myself feel better about it ending...I was deeply tired of Gordon by the end, and getting almost as sick to death of Sydney's weirdo maybe-feelings for Andrew, with whom she has negative infinity romantic chemistry and infinity-and-beyond sibling chemistry, as I was by Ted/Robin by the end of HIMYM, so. Given that she was running away from kissing him in humiliation, one can surmise that perhaps they would not have started season 2 as a couple after all, but now we never have to risk it!

And at least I can take comfort in knowing that this show released "Sydney, You're One of a Kind" on the world and they can never take it away.
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