RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Oops I'm still awake.

1. Dear self, I know you're deathly afraid of the online/phone conference editor meeting at 2:00 tomorrow, and you finally got tons of sleep this weekend, and you're currently manic about staying ahead so you get all your work done by Friday morning this week, but can we PLEASE not accidentally stay up all night tonight? I mean, A+ that instead of just watching TV, you saved up to 90 minutes tomorrow writing new contact emails and editing 15% of tomorrow's work, but it's 1 AM now and you seem not to be tired and that is not how you're going to feel after dawn when it's too late to do anything about it.

2. lj_feedback continues to be the most amazing thing ever

Who is your Doctor? Ten, obviously.

Who is your Doctor's companion? ...oh wow, I think it might be Donna! I mean, obviously Rose as a romantic lifetime companion. But ultimately, I think I miiiiight have gotten a greater kick out of Donna's role in random adventures.

Who is your Batman? Christian Bale. Have not actually seen any Batman movies, this is just what came to mind.

Who is your Cat Woman? Halle Berry

Who is your Sherlock Holmes? HOUSE. No, IDK. Two ugly incarnations have washed away my ability to remember Robert Downey Jr., whose character seemed to be on crack anyway; I have no real horse in this race.

Who is your fictional female federal agent? (eg, Dana Scully, Audrey Parker, Olivia Dunham, etc) : YOU HAD TO GIVE ME SCULLY, DIDN'T YOU. What if I wanna choose Ellie Bishop? Or Ziva David? Or Kensi Blye? I can't, because no one is allowed to supersede Dana Scully.

Who is your Robin Hood? I have literally no idea. I'm pretty sure it might be Guy on the BBC version. Who is notably actively not Robin Hood, but that's my OTP and who I picture when I think of this tale.

Who is your Maid Marian/Marion? Lovely Lucy Griffiths, now and forever. (and no, I have not actually seen the show; this is all learned behavior. dollsome has powers)

Who is your Bond? Pierce Brosnan. But Sean Connery is a close second.

Who is your fictional female assassin? (eg, Natasha Romanov, various incarnations of Nikita, etc): Does Sarah Walker count? Otherwise I don't think I like assassins.
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