RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Holy crap what did I just do

I'll tell you what I just did, I just bought a ticket to the A Grimm Warning book signing.

I am going to see Chris Colfer in person next month.

I am 100% terrified of the responsibility to not sound, look, or act like a freak in order to get this treasure, especially since I’m going alone, especially since I have never gotten a book signed at an event like this OR met a celebrity before, and especially since I am extraordinarily shy even under normal circumstances. And I also feel anxious because I feel like I will be older than at least 90% of the non-parents in line, despite Tumblr's reassurance that there are a fair number of fans over 30. Are they going to book signings tho; we just don't know.

But I didn’t go to the Darren Criss concert last year, and I still sometimes feel sad about that, and I just cannot let another beloved Glee cast member come within 20 miles of me and not make the effort to see him.

So I’m doing this.

Expect more freaking out as we get closer to the event. Loads more. But at least Past Me is happy.

2012 Me: Fact: there is a strong possibility I would attempt to hightail it to the Twin Cities and buy a book new if Chris Colfer were going to be signing copies there.
Tags: chris colfer, old post ironies

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