RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Things I Did Today

-Called not one but two daycares pretending to be seeking childcare (mystery shoppin' because the actual mystery shoppers dropped the ball)

-Went to the park with Chris and saw both a duck settle down and take a nap on the dock railing, and an adorable baby bunny cropping grass (when it finally saw us, rather than running away, it very slowly lowered and flattened itself out where it was. The ears going down were the best)

-After avoiding it for a month I got 10 minutes into the NCIS finale, or about two Gibbs flashback scenes, and then I NOPED on outta there because TOO SAD.

-Heard guy(s) cover of “Time of After Time” on the radio. My response = 'ugh no why' and 'this is the exact opposite of a reason to cover a song.' You have single female artists cover songs to FIX this generic dude-band sound. Duh.

On a related note, guess what's super pretty and interesting when sung by a worthwhile voice? Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive"!
p.s. I may be mildly obsessed with this Madilyn Bailey. Everything she covers is like MAGIC, whether I hate or love the original. This is like Darren Criss level vocal magic.

-Remembered I have a night work story to share with y'all:

On the second-to-last night, a random woman stopped me and asked if I watched the Big Bang Theory. When I said yes, she said, "There's a character -- Amy Farrah Fowler, you know her? You remind me of her. I always see you walk across the room, and you walk so straight and have such long pretty hair." My immediate reaction was to be purring-cat delighted by the hair and posture compliments. My delayed reaction was to be like, "Wait, but I don't dress like her, right??" I take pains to be the opposite of frumpy here! (also, I thought Amy slouched, so what is even going on in this comment) But I'm pretty sure she meant it in a good way...? What I took away from it is that from now on, I should declare Mayim Bialik my celebrity double.

And now, I gotta get to bed because SUPER AWESOME LIBRARY SALE, 10 AM SHARP.

Tags: big bang theory, music, ncis, work

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