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New purchases (*definition of "new" may vary)

First of all, at the beginning of February, I brought home my new (leased) car to replace the one that was declared totaled. I waited months for it not to be covered in fresh snow, even longer for it not to be dirty and for there to be enough light out at the same time I was ready to take a photo, then needed several additional weeks to actually upload the photo. But here she is!

2014 Toyota Corolla in its new natural habitat:


We had more color options this time, and as soon as I saw this one I went WOW. I call her Sky because her super-mega-awesome color changes with it (literally ranges from a pale grey to deep slate blue depending on how sunny it is), and for this reason she is a girl. My previous car I never got around to properly naming or giving a gender, as neither seemed to fit, so this is fun. We're just as close as the old car and I were.

The absolute best part about this car is that it has a back-up camera, so when you put it in reverse, your radio screen turns into a view facing backwards, complete with a line indicating where your back bumper is, so now I can actually back out of parking lot spaces without terror of hitting the cars behind me (I do not have a spatial brain and geometry is baffling; I can't visualize my car's shape or trajectory using angles). HOW DOES ONE FUNCTION WITHOUT A BACK-UP CAMERA? The lease is $10 more a month because it's a higher trim level, but I think it's worth it.

Plus, its odometer etc. screen lights up with a blue background, and it has neat electric blue accenting inside, and I'm not 100% sure what Eco mode is but I know it helps on gas mileage. It also has super handy music control buttons on the steering wheel, which is especially nice since the radio is otherwise a touch screen. The heating/cooling takes some getting used to -- rather than a traditional dial with hot/cold markings, it's just a swivel button like the volume control, and then the digital temperature displays on the screen from roughly 63-85 degrees, or one click above or below to "Low" and "High." But all in all? Great.
Yesterday was also pretty fun, as it involved a library sale:

I got there 6 minutes after it ostensibly opened, and it was already in full swing. The place was a madhouse; it was like a flurry of locusts as people mobbed the shelves. Since the library is being remodeled and most of its collection is in storage with the interior being dismantled, all the books for sale were on regular shelves, and I couldn't even get into most of the narrow aisles -- I had to hover like a scavenger, waiting to dart in. At least a third of the furniture was marked "sold" by the time I left 90 minutes later, though I definitely drooled over some massive, smoothly polished wooden bookshelves. (marked at $250 apiece; the zero is not a typo).

Prices were awesome -- paperbacks were 50 cents and all other media items were $1, including DVDs -- and there was a lot of stuff, but I did not, in fact, actually find that much. Still, absolutely worth the trip:

The CDs are all definitely keepers -- the Hunger Games soundtrack (Songs from District 12 and Beyond) is especially great to play in the car. Two of the books are probably not. Flower Children is general/adult fiction, and upon flipping through it it seemed to have very pretty, dreamy writing so I thought I might keep it, but I'm not sure. The Bower Bird is more middle grade, about a girl in need of a heart transplant, but after buying it I found out it's a sequel, so we'll have to see how much I like the original. But PAPER HEARTS. OH MY WORD.

Paper Hearts is a book I read 4 years ago, off a list of "adult books teens will enjoy," and it swept my heart away. I've been hoping to find it ever since, and yesterday I did. After being utterly disappointed on the YA front, I was making my usual quick sweep of the adult fiction section for misplaced books and the fraction of a percent of adult fiction books I actually like. And lo and behold, within one minute I saw this on the top of the end shelf, separated a little ways from the others, lying on its side to stand out, as if waiting for me. Or placed there by my book fairy friends.

Round 3: Garage sales
I only had time to be out for a couple of hours, after having already spent time at the library sale, but I scored a pair of necklaces for $1.75. The blue one's a choker, and the crystal-type one is almost as short. These are ideal because I've been looking for more necklaces that fit my higher/rounded necklines rather than V-necks.

I also eyeballed a neat-looking and very clean/good condition wireless keyboard and mouse, but it was unmarked and I'm too out of practice to do things like ask about prices or make offers, so I left it there.

Also, a new purse: actually my mom's old purse, fished out of the box of stuff she was going to drop off at Goodwill. The leather on the handles is all peeling and chipped, but since it's all the same color, you don't notice that unless you look up close. And even then, if anything, it just looks shabby-chic. I love the knit design and the material, the ltitle Sak charm, the cool wooden circles, and the size that's perfect for fitting a book. Plus, of course, the bright color. It's a great summer purse.

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