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Literally the first non-rerun TV I have watched in over a month.

This is the weirdest feeling, man. Like, I can watch shows with familiar characters, yet not know what's going to happen? THIS IS SO EXCITING! Does everyone know about this??

NCIS season 11 finale, "Honor Thy Father"

I felt like the pacing was off on this one -- it started off touching and emotional, then became a whirlwind of EVERYBODY KILL THE REMAINING GIBBS before suddenly jumping from a straight-up repeat of Gibbs offing a second would-be assassin (it was like he was leveling up in a video game) to the funeral. The two storylines didn't quite mesh for me, especially with trying to tie the Parsa group into the Mexican cartel in one big supervillain mashup. But, they were both worthwhile in their own right.

The murder plot was certainly exciting (nobody snipes bad guys like a former sniper, no matter how old). But I much preferred Gibbs reminiscing in his thoughtful, quiet Gibbs way. The passing on of the store was appropriately heartwarming. Cynical Me is waiting for the employee to run his legacy of a store into the ground for lack of business-running knowledge, but... Abby's concern was the best part, and I quite like Bishop's attempt to understand everyone's reactions. Nice that you got Billy Dee back for that cameo, too.

I did like the finale funeral scene. A fitting tribute to both character and actor. Even if I literally only know said actor because of his recurring roles as a father/grandfather.


I keep almost catching up on this series, and then forgetting to write about it. I'm pretty sure I actually saw "Sanctuary" when there was still snow on the ground, forgot what happened before writing about it, watched it again sometime in the late spring, and forgot to write again. As good as it is, I was not about to watch it a third time yesterday -- I came home worn out and exhausted, more than ready to lie back and watch a bunch of new-to-me TV. SUCCESS.

1x09, "Sanctuary," a/k/a Thanksgiving, but also a/k/a HAUNTED HOUSE OF HORRORS SPECTACULAR: So that's definitely my new favorite. Between hiring my favorite guest star actress Erin Something as the rich young woman hunting her family history, the beautiful old manor itself, the flashback's to the beautiful old manor's heyday as a sanctuary/utopia of fairly paid workers, the spooky vines reaching out to grab everyone, and the epic ghostly visions where Abbie gets to view the past -- never mind the Surprise Baby! reveal -- there was no part of this that did not set off every "oh my god that is so awesome" nerve. And the walking branch monster! Definitely one of my favorites. As is Consumed by RAGE!Ichabod. And the really neat reveal that Abbie is descended from the woman who delivered his son. Just the best.

1x10, "Golem": do we take it at face value that the witches hexed Ichabod Jr. to death? Because I'd like to feel gut-punched, but I feel like nothing is what it seems on this show. I will, however, say nice job on the bringing the gruesomely ugly Creepy Voodoo Doll to life as a golem, and I definitely have the ability to feel gut-punched about Katrina giving birth alone.

1x11, "The Vessel": Macey is the prettiest person on this show, but I'm afraid that all these episodes later, I have still utterly failed to form a connection to Irving's family. He is just neither attractive nor sentimental enough to activate my usual fuzzy feelings about father/daughter bonds. I mostly felt sad that the attractive blond detective got his neck snapped. However, I do LOVE the creep-tastic way possessed people look and speak.
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