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Spooky TV shows from opposite ends of the calendar

Sleepy Hollow: 2-hour finale
From the hype, I was really expecting an OMGWTF finale. By the halfway point I was like, "Eh, so Irving's in jail, Abbie's in purgatory and Jenny might be dead. The important part is, ICHABOD AND KATRINA'S EPIC LOVE CONQUERS ALL," and I was too busy basking in satisfying shipper flails to feel anything else. 10 minutes from the end, though, when Henry Parish starts unveiling his master web of lies, though...things got interesting. (although my biggest emotional response was still to Ichabod yelling "and she spent 200 years in purgatory suffering the consequences!", fiercely protective at all costs)

You know, I did think they were being a little too free with the trusting of Parish -- say, right around the time they went to fetch the Bible from Washington's grave; remind me what purpose his presence served again? -- so I'm going to say I totally called it. I was skeptical of the witches stopping Jeremy's heart, after all, wasn't I? Poor Ichabod and Katrina, though. So much heartbreak all over their faces. Ungrateful jerk. Also, I'm sorry, I have to go lie down to cope with my sadness at having to watch him watch her be carried away again.

But the good news is, I now have less of a hiatus to sit through than for even a normal show, so that's pretty cool.

Other notes:
-I'm not sure how "Zombie George Washington" became the immediate theory instead of just assuming Washington wrote the date prior to death because something important was supposed to go down that day. But I did enjoy those flashbacks.

-Slimy Demon Andy is way grosser and less fun than Regular Evil Demonic Butler Andy.

-How did the police department get DNA of Macey from the priest but not DNA from Morales on the other body? How are they not questioning how a 13-year-old girl would be able to snap a fully grown man's neck, anyway?

-I know what you were going for, but the flaming eyeballs on that chestnut horse did not come across as scary or imposing at all. It just looked like you copied and pasted the wrong image down in Photoshop.

-Excited for season 2...mainly because taking a 5-month break in the middle of the series made it really, really hard to keep track of all the mythology from the beginning.

-I really loved Abbie's in-purgatory dollhouse sanctuary, and her memories manifested in physical form. Also all the creepy non-Andy demons.

-"Fact, Victor Garber is so great he should be everybody's dad" Bingo!

Dat Under the Dome premiere do...

Talk about shocking, I'll give you shocking! I'LL GIVE YOU NON-STOP SCREECHING FROM BEGINNING TO END! But I will take the capslock off for reading purposes.

-Six minutes into the new season and they abruptly kill Linda. WHAT???????? (oops, sorry, capslock) I was waiting and waiting for that to somehow not come true (no proof without body!) and then, well, the end.

-I forgot that Eddie Cahill joined the cast, so I shrieked upon seeing his face. All rugged and outdoorsy with a side of man pain. He is hotter than I remember. Like I'd forgotten what it's like to be attracted to men playing characters over 20 on TV.

-When you put him in the same room as Julia, maybe doctoring her wounds, my whole head just might explode from the sheer amount of gorgeousness. Between the intensity of his blue eyes/dark hair and the flaming color contrast of her red hair/blue eyes, their combined beauty almost leaps off the screen. I will not throw over my OTP on this show for a random newbie...I'm just saying, they had a ton  of instantaneous chemistry and if they make this a love triangle, I won't even get mad, because I'm already torn in equal measures. I want to reward Barbie's loyalty and unexpected gentleness/sentimental side (plus all those muscles), but at the end of the day, he's still closer to the Bad Boy category and as fun as they are, in the end, you want to upgrade to a Sam.

-I'm sorry, but watching every conceivable type of metal (especially the kitchen stuff) go flying through every barrier and banging into the dome wall was one really awesome effect. I'm 98.3% sure that Joe getting a nail through the hand is symbolic somehow, but I don't have time to focus on that when I'm watching Barbie hotly run to rescue the kids + superfluous mom.

-Oops, there goes Joe and Angie's house collapsing in on itself. That was really awesome to watch too, though sad in practice.

-I was so excited when I thought Big Jim might really die, and then so annoyed when he didn't. You're whacking everyone else left and right, why not him? I did love the visions of recently deceased women coming back to haunt him, though. Especially Dodie. It was almost as exciting to watch him trapped in the shelter (where I thought he might at least reside for an episode or two a la Angie), being taunted. But yet, I will admit to laughing at "shut up and be dead."

-I love the mysterious Lake Hatchling Girl and look forward to seeing more of her.

-Junior's mom is Sherry Stringfield! And more importantly, she's apparently...not dead, but just left the family and is living somewhere in the world outside the dome?? AWESOME.

-Back to my OTP, my heart and stomach got to do a million more happy, flippy things upon seeing Julia & Barbie reunite again. Their faces! The hugging! The pretty kissing! See, this is all I want out of television. Gorgeous people demonstrating PG affection.

-As for the less awesome: WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU KILLED ANGIE? NO I WILL NOT TAKE THE CAPSLOCK OFF. I AM SUPER, SUPER PISSED THAT YOU KILLED MY SECOND FAVORITE CHARACTER.  Honestly, my first reaction was to jump like I'd been shot and stare blankly in disbelief, then take a deep breath and screech, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" in the manner of Monica Geller screaming in horror upon realizing she just changed Richard's outgoing voicemail greeting.

I am so freaking pumped for next week/the rest of summer.
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