RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Achievement unlocked!


On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “mortifying” and 10 being “A+ successful interaction,” I’d give myself a 7. Positive, but probably the least memorable interaction ever. Under pressure and without adequate planning, my brain defaults to autopilot, so I believe I came across as quiet/sweet/a little starstruck but polite, literally only saying “Hi,” “Good,” blurting “it’s nice to meet you” (“oh, it’s nice to meet you too!”), and then an awkward “Bye” when I meant to say “Thank you.”

In fairness, I tripped on the last part because I was temporarily dazed and dazzled by his deliberate eye contact. As I walked away, realizing I had not registered a single thing about his appearance except how very stunningly colored his eyes are, I did have one clear if not coherent thought bubble up from the dizzying buzz in my head:

His voice is like angel dust and cotton clouds.

(Much more detail coming tomorrow, but wanted to post and run while I'm still on this high. I give that man an A+ for making each 5 second interaction feel so genuine and personal. And he really does have the most honey-coated voice when it comes to greeting people in a situation like this.)

P.S. My enthusiasm is so boundless at this point that I even came out of Facebook hibernation to announce that this happened. Might regret that one in the morning, but right now I can't seem to stop shouting this on every possible platform in hopes someone will get as excited as I am.
Tags: chris colfer

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