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This is my last cranky post - I promise the next one is sunny and cheerful!

House: House Training

You know what I should stop doing?  Reading House spoilers, at least on YTDAW.  The part of me that desires to know about character tidbits ahead of schedule is outweighed by the part of me that doesn't want to know anything about case details because otherwise I'll be bored silly by the patient care.  Like I was tonight, and will be next week

Fortunately, there were so many personal storylines to focus on tonight that they didn't have time to take care of their patient, who died as a result.  Well, okay, that was a little sad, although as much as I try - as much as he tries - I just can't feel any emotion from Foreman. Although I fully support his snob attitude towards people he thinks made bad decisions and were too stupid to get out of the projects like him, and see no reason he should apologize for that.  It's one of the only things I like about him.  The bits with his parents, not so much.   

I'm on Cameron's side again in the whole Chameron Chaseron debacle.  (I like the second way better.  More balanced) Chase claims he's far from obsessing/stalking, and thinks it's entirely within his rights to give her "a gentle, polite reminder once a week"?  How irritating would that get?  You can ask me every single week if I like tomatoes yet, but the answer is always going to be no, I think they're squishy and disgusting so STOP MAKING ME THINK ABOUT THEM.  And if you do bring it up, then I'm going to do what Cameron does, and rail about it for a while until I pound it through your skull that such talk infuriates me and you are never, ever, ever, EVER to even THINK about bringing it up again.

Wilson's ex-wife is...very mousy-looking, which clashes with my mental image, as I always assumed Wilson's wives would be quite attractive.  Look at him - it's not like he has to settle.   Anyway, this confirmed my long-standing claim that his natural state is "knight in shining armor," although I really don't like that addition of "He's always there for you...until he's not."  Surely a few pleading tears from one's wife would outweigh House's self-destructive act of the week?  All this is doing laying out a feast for the slash shippers (we've progressed far beyond tidbits) to base their delusions on.  Which makes me cranky. 

What also makes me cranky is the idea that Wilson is every bit as screwed-up as House, with the same addictive personality,!  He's not supposed to be addicted to caring!  He's not supposed to be a mess.  He's supposed to be perfect.  The one person on this show whom I can always count on to be reasonable and rational!  Grumble.  I'll be over here with my daydreams and the version of Wilson I want to see.  Flawed characters really aren't always more interesting. 90% of the time, but not always.

That's not to say I didn't enjoy this episode, though.  The scenes with Wilson and Cuddy were priceless, and even though I don't feel much from Foreman, I was still interested in his involvement with the patient and thought the episode moved along fairly quickly.  I think it was one of the best of the season as far as holding my interest.  I just don't know exactly how to articulate it...assume anything I didn't complain about, I liked.  I can skimp on my review once in a while, can't I?  (yes, this is me skimping)

Quote of the Night: "No. I am not getting sucked into the vortex of your insanity again.  Don't pass me notes in class, don't tell me to ask her to the prom..." --Wilson

Also, I demand to see Hector the dog immediately if not sooner.


Idol Convinces Everybody Else to Give Back

Dawg, dawg, dawg...nobody told me this was a lousy telethon!   (Why do you think I avoid PBS?)  I'm not capable of drawing these conclusions on my own.  On the other hand, it makes me very glad I couldn't be arsed to sit down and watch it until 8:00 (hour 2 - which, incidentally, is when all the good musical acts were).   

Random points of interest, mostly in chronological order:

    1) Groups of people clad in all-white always look creepy.  A.I. is clearly taking its cult status for a literal interpretation.  And women always look SO ugly in suits and ties.  Why ever would you make them wear that?  You suck, wardrobe department. 

    2) NewsCorp's cap on the donation fund after 50 million votes ($5 million) still irks me.  Whenever I hear there's a cap on matching-donations campaigns, it makes me cranky and not want to donate at all.  Come on, it's not like there are suddenly going to be a billion votes.  Their donation sum won't get out of control, seriously, so just do away with those damned caps.  Obviously they can afford that much, so they might as well just donate it all up front rather than waiting for me to pledge my interest. Unless, of course, their heart isn't really so much in the charity as it is about making itself look good while still clearing maximum profit. 

    3) Ellen DeGeneres!  She's my favorite daytime talk show host ever, and every time I see her I just start smiling.  Always so cheerful!  I feel like she's a genuinely nice person.  Or maybe I'm just swayed by all those ads she does for American Express with the animals.  I like people who like animals. 

    4) Jack Black is a hyperactive child; it's not funny and it never will be.  Stop paying attention to him.

    5) Geeze, Carrie Underwood can even make "I'll Stand By You" boring.  And dang, you could not pay me a million dollars to fly to Africa and wander among all the little children the way she is.  I'm hard pressed to think of something I'd rather do less.

    6) BEST.  MUSIC VIDEO.  EVER.  I must obtain it.  I mean, Chris shaking hands with the Rottweiler was adorable, but I really mean the "Staying Alive" video-within-a-video with all the lip-syncing celebrities.  I couldn't stop laughing.  Oh, Hugh Laurie, you are made of comedic genius.  As is Ryan Seacrest.  And Helen Mirren, you're hilarious out of your element.   Further props to Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer, and I wish that instead of Dr. Phil and Rob Schneider, we could have seen more than those milliseconds of Parminder Nagra and Gillian Anderson!  Also, Kirstie Alley's preacher robes...WTF was that?  But oh, Keira Knightley, you are so lovely and charming I've almost forgiven you for the incident with the short hair, and the naked Vogue cover. 

    7) Kelly Clarkson - yikes!  She's gained weight.  At first I thought it was just the billowy dress, but then I realized no, her arms are, wow.  She's still gorgeous, of course, it's just that I'm so used to her being skinny - borderline-unhealthy skinny.  This took some getting used to.  Anyway, I love her voice, but I wasn't into the song.  Why do all these inspirational songs have to be boring?  Except for Josh Groban, who gets his own section at the end of this review because he's my actual idol.

    8) Simpsons' parody clip?  DIED.  LAUGHING.  Must obtain that one, too. 

    9) Madonna on camera is...ew.  How is it even possible to BE that stiff?  She was like a robot reciting lines.  "You can.  Call now.  *insert scripted hug here*"

    10) The Celine/Elvis duet was where I left to go do something more exciting, like watch grass grow.  *snores*

The section you can skip, where I'm bitchy about Africa
I still don't get how this stuff is supposed to move me to tears.  People die of all sorts of things every second of every day; I don't lose sleep over it.  I mean, I dimly understand that they (you) must feel like I do when I hear about cattle limping about and suffering prolonged agony in stockyards, which causes me to sob and fall into despair.  The thing is, I could watch these clips from Africa (and New Orleans, for that matter) all day and my cold, cold heart of stone wouldn't feel so much as a twinge.  Now, to my credit, I did not actively mock the footage tonight because it was quite somber with the dying people and all, but I cannot be emotionally moved by people I don't know.  SORRY.  I shrug my shoulders and move along.  It's not a good situation, but it's not interesting either. 

Except for the part where Ryan proudly tells us about combatting malaria.  "We can buy mosquito nets!"  At that point I nearly shattered a coffee cup slamming it down on the table in indignation.  Yeah?  I'm sure the netting helps; I'm certainly not against it, but people don't live inside 24/7.  They're going to be outside and exposed.  And as hard as you try to dispense meds to a nation, wouldn't our efforts be even better served by trying to...I don't know...kill the freaking malaria-spreading mosquitoes themselves?!  I hear DDT works wonders.  Feel free to come yip at me in the comments if you have reasons against using this chemical.

Resume reading where I fawn over Josh Groban

JOSH GROBAN!  *squees* *abruptly kicks Rent soundtrack out of CD player* Even when he was on stage I couldn't believe it, because Josh Groban exists in this perfect musical bubble.  He's not on the radio; nobody ever seems to talk about him other than my circle of college friends (who all worship him accordingly).  I don't know what the general public thinks of him and I don't want to know; so far I've led a sheltered existence where nobody has anything but praise for him.  I fear reading any blog commentaries about this event just in case they have mean things to say about Josh.  (Or worse, *gasp*, have never heard of him.)  Anyway.  His voice is magic.  Induces purring.  I can curl up listening to his CDs and do absolutely nothing else.  And his personality is so unbelievably charming...he could probably sit there and read the dictionary on camera, and I'd still watch in rapt attention.

Admittedly, "You Raise Me Up" is not one of my favorite songs, solely because I hate songs backed by a choir.  I really don't like choirs - it's just a whole lot of sound without individuality, making it sound like a bunch of machinery.  I don't know.  It's a thing of mine.  But I like the beginning, when he's singing alone - I always picture some place in the Ozarks, in the 19th century.

I always forget that I don't really like hearing him sing live.  His voice always sounds sort of strained, not nearly as rich as on CD, with an odd edge to it.  The fact that he really needed to shave tonight didn't help matters either.  NEVERTHELESS. This was the only part in two hours where I was completely enthralled by the performance, although there needed to be less of the camera panning over the singing children and more focused on his face.  In a split of 0/100.  That being said, when Josh Groban gets involved with charities to help Africa, he's about the only person in the world who can (almost) change my cold, cold heart of stone.  He's just so clearly invested in helping kids, and gets so much joy out of it, that it's impossible for me to be cynical.

Other stuff I forgot
    11)  Bono is fricking creepy with short, stubbly hair.  Make him go away!

    12) Nobody got voted out.  Sweet.  Double boots are more fun, anyway.  Although I'm going to give Ryan a swift kick in the ass for tormenting Jordin (and by proxy, me) like that.

    12) Bono's song is boring, like everybody else's songs tonight, and I didn't even really finish hearing it because I had my eye sharply on the clock, and as soon as it flipped to 9, I cut Jordin off mid-word.  I had better places to be.  CSI: New York starts at 9, and your big bully of a FOX show doesn't get to intrude on it.  HAH!
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