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Thrifting Mega-Post: most of the first half of summer.

1. I updated my last thrifty shopping post, previously picture-free, with a few clothing pictures here.
2. New thrifts from the past two months! These have come from flippin' everywhere -- Savers, Goodwill, Value Village, possibly a couple from garage sales -- and of course I remember prices on almost none, but lots were from the 50% off 4th of July sale. A couple of these might also be older and just ones I forgot to take pictures of before.

Shirts: Each of these 4 were $3-5, except for the black and white one ($2). The brown and green one is my favorite, closely seconded by the "YES HELLO I WOULD LIKE TO WEAR THE OCEAN" one. The purple stripes one has a black band in the middle, not purple -- I just messed with the color in Photoshop like a ridiculous person because it looked too black-and-white in the original photo.

Found this GORGEOUS 3/4 length top in my favorite brand for extravagantly fancy designs (One World/Live and Let Live) for $4.50. Click to enlarge -- I was tickled pink to find it in a medium, because usually I only see the brand in large/extra large and they're just too big.

DRESSES!! (There are 2 more in the post I linked above, because I'm in the business of making my dress collection grow at an exponential rate, I guess)
1. Brand: Perceptions. This looks good paired with a black shrug, or alone. It falls a little below the knee and I am in love with the fact that it looks like it's patterned with stained glass butterfly wings. I might have paid full price of $9, I loved it so much. I've been wearing it a lot.

2. $5 at the church sale that I whipped through in 20 minutes prior to going on vacation, brand unkonwn. Obviously it needs a tank beneath, and it's very form-fitting so can only wear it on skinny days, but I just love the pattern -- and it feels cool too, sort of suede-like?

3. $6 or so? Brand: Kenneth Cole/Reaction. I actually found it on sale at Value Village. It's VERY sheer so I think I'll have to wear a tank underneath and ideally maybe even find a slip, but I just love its gauzy fabric for summer bliss. I even found the necklace there at the same time, also on sale, for a dollar.


Skirts! $4 and $3, respectively (why did I make these pics so tiny??). The white one is Eddie Bauer, which is a pretty decent brand -- I bought it the same day as the black and white shirt above to wear together -- and I don't recall the second one, but it's my new favorite skirt. I wish I had more than one top that matched it. Anyone want to send me style and/or color suggestions?? They can be brand new stuff, even, if you have links. I just freaking love the lace-and-seed-bead trim. The color is more accurate in that closeup pic, too.

And necklaces: $4 and $3, respectively, and worth every penny. Especially the second one (closeup in middle). I've been wearing it with literally everything, because I love the feel of the metal "tree" -- plus it's flexible in the middle, so that makes it feel even more lightweight.


I caved and bought stupidly expensive toys at Value Village because, well, they were cute and actually 100% animal themed in the bags, and the big ones match the scale of my model horses while the little ones can be thrown into my bag o' animals for the Littlest Pet Shop scale.

Brand Identification Questions: I know the rabbits and ducklings are Schleich, and the little cream-colored dog might be too, but he has no identifiable markings. The white poodles are Barbie dogs, and it seems like the other dogs might also Barbie, but the gray poodle in particular looks slightly more sophisticated/realistic. Any ideas on a brand?

The curly-furred cat has eye makeup, so I'm assuming it's Bratz, but I suppose it could be Barbie too, or even something else.

What I REALLY want to know is what the hell the tiny puppies are. The heads are slightly too big for their bodies, making me think they're part of that dumb brand that did all those out-of-focus dog photos that got plastered on folders and notebooks in the early 00s, but only slightly, so I have deemed them "sufficiently realistic" to keep. The pic enlarges a lot, if that would help at all.


Up next...books!
Penny - Hal Borland. Nonfiction, 1970s book (book club edition, bleh) about a Basset Hound who goes between families.
The Wolf Dog - I was excited to find a 1960s dog book with a dust jacket, only to find it is also a Christian book, which means there will be a random reference to thanking God or having faith in the Lord about once every 30 pages. SIGH. But maybe it'll be worth it?
A Cat's Life - looks like a vanity press book (but apparently isn't), a woman writing her cat's autobiography. It's short but I figured it would be worth reading a cute cat story, plus I thought it was cool that at the time of publication (1992), the author was a teacher from Minnesota, specifically living in the city with all the antique stores that we frequently zip over to on weekends.

I paid a total of about $1.50 for these at Goodwill, all on the same day (I literally tripped over a Goodwill I hadn't been to before while looking for a certain Half Price Books last week. It was awesome.). I got the dog encyclopedia shown below there too, though that one was $2.'s big, and it's not even the most quality of bindings (Whitman), but its 1960s and MAN, THOSE ILLUSTRATIONS ON EVERY PAGE ARE TOO NEAT TO WALK  AWAY FROM.

Speaking of the Half Price I was going to, I picked these two up at one location for about $2.50 and $2, respectively. (then I tried not to cry as I remembered all over again that I realized too late -- like, not until I was in line inside the store -- that I could have bought the paperback editions of The Land of Stories #1 and 2 from Red Balloon, brand new, for a mere $8 each, rather than the $18 hardcovers, and had Chris-the-celebrity sign all of them. I am going to be forever upset with myself about that. WHERE WAS MY BRAIN? Too worried about what to say and how to get there, that's where).

Anyway! The "Curious Lists" one is a fill-in-yourself journal, and is delightfully weird and kooky. I've been looking at Wreck This Journal posts on Tumblr a lot lately, and I was purely giddy to find a similarly creative outlet, but one more tailored to my non-artistic and list-oriented side.

And last but not least, a visit to the other Half Price during coupon week...I paid around $6 for the first book, Bob, Son of Battle, because I've always wanted to own the full version. I know it's not particularly rare, and many editions were printed, but it's still old and looks cool and has photographic plates for illustrations. The second book, though... I hemmed and hawed and made Chris convince me to buy Chinook and His Family because its listed price was $30. That's pretty high even for Half Price's nostalgia section. As much as I like old dog books, there are many old dog books to be had, and I have no pre-existing attachment to this one.

But I went home to look it up online, and yeah, turns out it is kinda rare, with ex-library and damaged copies starting at $24 (incl. shipping). But I had a 50% off coupon to cut its price down to $16-something with tax. It's publication date is 1930 and it's in REALLY beautiful condition, with glossy, unmarked pages and tight binding, compared to books I can't see online. And it's so cute! From what I can tell it's sort of fictionalized juvenile non-fiction about the origins of the Chinook breed. The dog on the cover reminds me of Kym. And, whatever, it's just the sweetest, cutest thing and I do not regret this purchase for one second. Especially since I only bought one Land of Stories book new. This made up for that, right? That was my rationalization.

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