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Spirited and happy repeat flailing over old TV

Work is stressing me out a lot, which means I throw reading and "actually watching TV" out the window, in favor of stressing over work 10 hours a day and sneaking in short breaks to watch bits and pieces of old shows/episodes I loved during the day and late at night so that I feel more productive (even though it's a lie). Without further ado, here's what's been playing in my brain.

I started randomly watching clips saved to the computer, and may I just say that "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" is AMAZING. It's such a wonderful, give-all-the-heart performance that my heart could fair burst with pride. I think it's safe to say it's New Directions' best performance ever, even though I was pretty proud of "ABC" and "Loser Like Me."

I also listened to "Closer" from season 4 again, and I became obsessed with it. It's weird, but I hated it for so long thinking it was a Jake feature, and then I accidentally landed in the middle of it and I realized it's a pretty amazing, happy full group song -- the kind I love best -- and RYDER gets equal lead vocals (MY FAVORITE). So that's been going kind of nonstop lately. God, at this rate I'm going to stop hating Alex Newell's voice, of all things.

(it continues to weird me out how attached I am to season 4. It was such a hurtful season in so many ways! But from beginning to end, it was the most I'd ever been engaged with the show and fandom without interruption, and I really, really love it. Like, more than season 1. Like going back to season 2 feels vaguely weird and uncomfortable, like, why are there are all these kids who are supposed to be graduated doing in the New New Directions' room?)

And then I found "Original Song" and bounced through it. "Jesus Is My Friend" is still one of my favorite things ever (J-J-J-J-JESUS!), Loser Like Me is unparalleled, I can't even watch the Quinn/Rachel scene right now without simultaneously crowing for joy and despairing at how much wasted potential happened there (THEY COULD HAVE BEEN THE FIRST BLAM), and oh my stars how I love "Candles." Everyone, including the actual Klaine fandom, has this weird hate-on for that song and I just do not understand it; it's one of my favorite Klaine duets. BONUS: Hell to the No, and feeling my heart weep for joy at Mr. Schue grooving along to it all approvingly.

(There will always be a soft spot in my heart for the Schue who genuinely loves and believes in his kids, wants to make their lives better and believes the world is better when they share that magic. I really wish Tumblr would show me a gifset that is like "Will + appreciating the kids' performances." Because he does it rather a lot.)

P.S. I put the Glee library on shuffle, listened to "Like a Prayer," and promptly died when I was reminded of how strikingly high and pure Kurt's voice sounds on his solo in that one. ACTUAL HOLY ANGEL.

How I Met Your Mother
I'm watching the first half of season 6 right now, and oh god how I love this segment of canon. The Subway Wars is firmly in the "great" camp now, and after finally watching "Architect of Destruction" again, I found I was able to stomach the gross parts much better, and in fact consider it a better episode than the boring sap of Barney and the gang cleaning out his mom's house. Not least because of the glorious visual of Ted in a wizard hat on a banner outside GNB. But anyway!

I watched "Mermaid Theory" for about the 18th time and still howled with laughter (MURDER EYES! HE WANTS TO KILL YOU), which led to watching my other favorite of the season, "Blitzgiving" (My Blitzy lies over the Blitzy lies over the seeaaaa has been in my head for days), and "Natural History" is now and forever shall be epic magic as well. Aaaaand I just watched "Oh Honey," and oh, honey, THAT TED/ZOEY HALLWAY SCENE OF MAGIC. Never before or since has my heart sung like that for this show.

The Office
I am really, really sorry about all the grousing I may or may not have done during the back half of season 4 (post strike), because almost literally every episode that season -- especially Dinner Party, which everyone else loved and I EMPHATICALLY THOUGHT WAS DUMB but now agree is a masterpiece -- just fills my heart with joy. I haven't found Michael awful in ages. I mean, still totally glad he left early, but there's something about just not having that aggravating freak of an Erin there that makes everything Michael says so much less awful.

But, um, season 5...yeah, post-engagement, that one was not so good. Even though it does have a lot of wonderful Jim/Pam moments if you hunt carefully, for the most part, Pam in New York is awful, and most of what's happening back at the office is not great either. We haven't even gotten to the Michael Scott Paper Company yet, and raarrrrrrrrrrrgh.

A random comment about Krumholtz being in something and having gained a lot of weight caused me to look him up, and subsequently flee back to his hottest point, season 4 of Numb3rs. (bless you for having it checked in, library) And OH. GOOD. LORD. It's kind of amazing how absence can make your shipper feelings dull, and then you see a sweet moment you're literally blown away by how beautiful and perfect and sweet these two people are together. I do not have enough hyperbole in the world to express what the sight of Charlie and Amita in "Robin Hood" did to me.

HOW. HOW ARE YOU SO PRETTY. And besotted with each other at all times, uninterrupted except for occasional mid-episode conflicts that serve only to heighten the sweetness of the inevitable resolution scene. I'm pretty sure part of it is the sheer joy in being able to flail about a heterosexual relationship (i.e. reflecting my own perspective) with strength equal to Klaine, but there's also the undeniable fact that they're, like, really pretty and also kind of constantly threatening Jim and Pam for "best actual fictional relationship in history of time." The future Halperts were always unquestioned champions when on the air, but now...

If you need me, I will be watching my second-favorite episode of all time (or favorite, depending on my mood), Primacy. There was a point where I had watched this so many times I had lines memorized, and even now, there are parts I've rewound so many times that the lines almost take on a musical cadence, the gestures seeing choreographed like a dance. Top 50 TV Episodes of All Time worthy.

Nothing big here -- just that I'm really in need of two .gifs of drugged up!Ross from "The One with Ross's Sandwich" because I feel like that's pretty much me all the time with work now:
a) "on account of my rage"
b) "this is not good for my rage"

I have not written any creative fiction in 5 years*, but god, I wrote some good stuff back in the day. Browing my old account today, prepared as usual to cringe at what I find, and as usual am blown away by the legitimate quality more times than expected. Breathing a dreamy sigh over the exquisite lines of "Clockwork Silence" (I worked on that for MONTHS), giggling over the humor of "Diversions," and impressed in a general way by the details in "Keep Pretending" and "China Blue." The romantic stories are all...pretty cringeworthy, so I'm not going to highlight those, but the gen stuff is apparently golden!

*technically I've written upwards of 50 Word document pages of Kurt and Blaine-themed stuff over the past couple of years -- ironically saved under the file name "quinnstory" because it originally started as an attempt at a tie-in for 3x14 -- but they're 80% written in plotless journal form, and 80% of those are just literally my brain in Blaine's situation, with little to no effort to stay in character, and definitely no attempt made to write any more prettily than I do on this blog. It is much worse than the above stuff. I can't regress like that.
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