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And then I sobbed for one million years

A link on Tumblr for a lovely new story-poster took me back to anxioussquirrel's One Good Day, a oneshot AU in which Kurt and Blaine broke up when Kurt left and have had no contact since. 22-year-old Blaine, with a joyless life, has decided to kill himself. He just wants to see Kurt one more time before he goes.

I've read it before, but forgotten how good it was. I am always skeptical of stories that involve mutual-agreement breakups over distance, but because anxioussquirrel is amazing at applying my sad/anxious brain's mindset onto Klaine while making it sound completely believable, every word of this story works. And that is why, out of nowhere, attempting to read that story led to me crying my eyes out for a full hour. It's wonderful, albeit exhausting.
[update: 4 hours. I read it twice. Only dawn or sleep can bring me out of it now.]

Earlier tonight, though, something reminded me of old So You Think You Can Dance routines, and I ended up watching this entire episode all over again (3x20). In retrospect, I think season 3 ended up being the most memorable for me (maybe because I wrote about it?), even though most of the summer it aired I was complaining about how much I missed season 2. Granted, I liked more people in season 2. It's just, Neil Haskell was, is, and forever shall be an incredibly hot and delightfully charming human being/best person who has ever been cast on this show ever, ever. Also Lauren Gottlieb will always irresistibly charm me (and delight me with her skills), and Pasha is basically sex on a stick.

And so, off the top of my head, a YouTube tour featuring my favorite numbers that year.
1. Pasha/Lacey, Hip-Hop to "In the Morning." Or, "The Mannequin Dance" which is my favorite routine of all time and all competitions. Starts at :55.

2. Neil/Sabra, Jazz to "Sweet Dreams"

3. Neil/Sabra, Paso Doble to "Espana Cani" instrumental

4. Danny/Neil, Jazz to "Are You the One": Or, "one, two, princes who will duel you."  [starts at 1:25]

5. Pasha/Sara, Swing to "Rockafeller Skank" [starting 2:45]

6. Pasha solo, "Total Eclipse of the Heart". Or, shirtless bullfighter option to a paso doble.

7. Neil/Lauren, Contemporary to "Let the Drummer Kick"

8. Pasha/Jessi, Cha Cha, "Let's Get Loud"

9. Lacey solo, "Le Disko"

10. Lacey/Pasha, waltz, "A Daisy in December"

BONUS SEASON 2 (remind me to go more in depth in the future, round up some awesome Benji/Martha/Donyelle/Allison/Travis stuff)
11. Season 2 Group Dance: Rama Lama Bang Bang (or, "18th century zombies in all their finery" - my second favorite dance in show history)

12. Season 2: Natalie/Musa, "Promiscuous Girl" -- first couple in this one...I don't like any of the others, and please avoid the Benji/Travis one if you  value your sanity/lunch staying in your stomach.

13. Season 2 final 4: Sexy Back (it's ridiculous as hell, and only two of them are successfully bringing sexy back, but makes me laugh)
(the quality here is bad but the other one got removed)

14. Season 2 top 6: Contemporary to "Hide and Seek"

15. Much later, but Pasha/Iveta's fast-paced ballroom to "Ven a Bailar" is also in my top 5 all-time routines.
Tags: fic rec, glee, sytycd, tears

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