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A triple shot of cheeriness! What a change!

It all started when I got around to watching my tape of NCIS on Wednesday afternoon...and then continued when I watched Medium with my parents and really enjoyed it (I'm not writing about it, but - girl frozen in ice chest? Oh, cool. I may have to watch the rest of the season. Plus her stupid family is growing on me.)...and then could hardly fall asleep that night after viewing my other two amazing 9:00 shows back to back. Not even having to pull three ticks off my dog in as many days could shake my glow. (and ticks scare me on the same plane as hornets, horseflies, and ladybugs Asian beetles) The good mood persisted straight through Thursday's primetime, although admittedly I've been so content with these six shows that I haven't seen Grey's Anatomy yet. For now, here are the remaining bits of T/W.

NCIS, "Brothers In Arms"
- *glowers at internet* All your negativity surrounding this episode will not change my mind. I adored it to pieces.

As much as I like the Ziva-centric, Gibbs-centric, and Abby-centric episodes...I am all up for a Jen-centric one. I've seen a lot of people complain that we didn't get any real answers about Grenouille, but that didn't occur to me. I just like her scenes. Her emotions come across strongly, making me feel like I'm righ there with her, feeling just as tormented *despite* not knowing exactly what's motivating her desire to catch this guy. I don't need to know that to appreciate her borderline-reckless desperation to catch him, her anguish when he slips through her fingers time and again. She remains a wonderful character, one of my favorites, and there's no such thing as too much of her.

And of course, there's the part where I fell off my chair laughing as Abby goes to give the director a trademark feel-better hug, failing to notice the steam slowly curling out of her ears. She gets about two inches away before Jen barks "THIS was CARELESS!" and Abby turns right around and scurries away with her tail between her legs.

Other things that amused me: Abby finding the pair of underwear in the glove compartment and them drawing straws to figure out how to deal with it (we never did get closure on that), and her taking pictures of herself with her new computer. (cheek kiss!) And Gibbs thumbing through a bridal magazine from the stand on the street. ("You gotta be kidding me." "Old habit.") Heh.

I don't really know how I feel about Agent Fornell; he's good for some comedic banter but I'm never initially very thrilled to see him. I like Gibbs as the old-school investigator, but I really don't need another person who fits the description. That's what the Law and Order franchise is for.

The Tony-Jeanne-Mrs. Benoit dinner was the one low point of the episode. It was uncomfortable to watch, completely unfunny, and Jeanne gets skankier every time I see her. Also, I assume that at this point, La Grenouille HAS to be her father. I'm guessing Tony doesn't know that, though, and I'm also guessing it will come out around season finale time, which will make things that much more interesting.

Ziva Fashion Watch: I want the red top.

Overall, a solid episode, very interesting; one of the better ones this season.
Lost, "D.O.C." - Not one second of Sawyer, and I still managed to be largely interested. Now that's a good episode.

It's not often that flashbacks are the best part of an episode, but in this case...they win. We got to see a bit more of the sweet side of Jin, although I like Sun less than ever. Come on now. This pride thing is a little ridiculous. Hmm...bring my husband shame, or put him in endless debt to my father, where he will work as a violent henchman and drift away from me? I know what I'd choose.  Frankly, I don't see why Sun couldn't have just threatened the woman with her father's power in the first place. It's clear where Jin gets his sweet side from, though. I love his father. He's adorable.

Juliet and Sun's scenes were good too.  I mean, I saw right through the former's fake and manipulative tears when she talked about wanting to "give good news again," but was willing to overlook it, because I think part of her really does want to give good news. I don't think I would have gone alone with Juliet into the dark woods at night, though, without anyone knowing where I was. That's just asking for trouble.

I'm glad the baby is Jin's. That's one of those small secrets I was actually curious about, and somehow I think Sun won't really die after all. She's got a good long time yet, given the pace of this show, but I still don't think she's any more marked for death than Charlie is. (Because you see, I am still believing in a sunny world where Charlie's pending doom is pure misdirection)

On another note, heehee...I love the Others' manipulation tactics. So all those people WEREN'T crazy when they said they kept seeing anvils for Kate's potential pregnancy everywhere. Though it does bring to mind something that's been bugging me since Kate & Sawyer started this, which is...even if men weren't insanely fertile on this island, wouldn't the lack of birth control + tent accomodations make you more aware of the basic purpose of sex, and thus think twice about doing it constantly? Or at least practice some of those ineffective methods we were warned about in our endless public-school health classes.

...I find I am suddenly far too interested in the mechanics of sex on this island. Curses! Why can't I just fawn and squeal like all the other stupid fangirls?!

High point of the episode - JULIET'S NOT EVIL. I'm calling it now, so I can like her again. The addition of "I hate you" on her message to Ben made my day. She might still be working with him, but she doesn't believe in his agenda, so once again...I assume she's under his thumb in her quest to get off the island and go home. I think she's fully aware she's signed a deal with the devil. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Naomi the Parachutist STILL bores me to death. I only watched her scenes because Charlie was in them, and even Charlie's getting a little squirrelly and bloodthirsty for my tests. He's really bent on revenge, isn't he? I liked Desmond pointing out that the Lostaways have "killed more of them than they have of you." I knew there was a reason for my not thinking the Others are totally evil.

[Edit: After reading too many opinions on this episode in which all they want to talk about is Naomi, Naomi, Naomi, I feel I should add that I believe she is one of the people working for Penny trying to find Desmond - not in arms with the Others. Obviously Mikhail was lying when he translated her words to "thank you for helping me", but not because they were sharing some secret. She seems dazed and confused, not sure where she landed and just mumbling in whatever language comes to her head. Apparently it translated to "I am not alone." That's some potentially huge information, and information is power. Mikhail and his colleagues are in the business of gathering information, not dispensing it, so he's going to keep whatever he gets even if he doesn't know what it means yet. Better he has than everybody having it.]

Speaking of that...MIKHAIL! What the hell?! I initially suspected that he wasn't dead, but everybody else seemed convinced so I figured I was wrong as usual. But now I'm back to thinking that maybe the fence just produces some death-like effect. Hey, if there are paralyzing spiders...

One last thing - alert, another can of worms has been opened! The wreckage of Flight 815 has been found - and there were no survivors? Well, the producers themselves debunked my Purgatory theory back in season 1 (*mutters and curses*), after which I swore off coming up with any theories ever again, so I'm guessing that they found some pieces of the fuselage that washed back out to see, and maybe along with them, the charred corpses from the funeral pyre built inside it? I guess there's always the potential that the Others and/or Dharma went through a huge cover-up effort, but...I'd rather go down the road less complicated.

[2010 Edit: So many predictions in this review, so hilariously misguided.]
CSI: NY, "Past Imperfect" - this episode had everything.

Everything a person could want! Solid A case, humorous B case, lots of Flack (with a personal spin, too), Mac/Flack confrontation, Mac angst, minimal Adam, and D/L action. I'd say the only thing missing is Peyton, but that would have overloaded the capacity for good and been too much to really be effective, so no - the conversations with Flack adequately filled my Mac-angst quota. (Although I do think it would have been nice to have Dt. Angell working Danny's case. Oh, the sass and humorous banter there could have been...) Hm, how to sort it all out in a review that consists of more variety than "squee" and "awesome"?

I'll work with D/L first. I dimly recall that this episode was shot on location, which explains the minimal Lindsay screentime. Which I'm fine with - I'd rather have her on for thirty seconds being cute with Danny than heading up a run-of-the-mill case. And they *were* undeniably, squeefully cute. She and I threw Danny identical looks of 'I love you, but gross' at his I-refuse-to-repeat-it speculation about the origin of the hairs, and then there was that adorable giggle at his use of "dah." It wasn't terribly funny, if you think about it, but that's the giggle of someone in the first flush of a relationship. Awww, my wittle puppies are back on. How many episodes until another tragedy, you think? Three?

Next up, we'll get Stella's results out of the way. With that stupid pause, I really expected him to say something weird like "inconclusive," or something, I don't know. The big reveal just fell very flat.   And the line about "I feel like I can dream again"?  *gags* I hate being snarky about Stella because I don't want her to turn into the Catherine of NY, and I really do think she's a beautiful, strong character, but the last few episodes just haven't been doing it for me.

What I did like about Adam's role is where Mac blows up at him for absolutely no reason.  He does that a lot, I've noticed, and his temper's kind of a scary thing.  I imagine the lab techs talk about it a lot.  I bet it's how they haze the new people, sending them over to Mac when they know he's in a bad mood. Um, anyway.  Is it bad if I really like it when he flies off the handle?  Grissom and Horatio are pillars of self-restraint, so sometimes Mac's a welcome change. He reminds me of Gibbs, so I think it's a Marine thing.  And even though he was 100% out of line, I like seeing him yell.  Plus I like Stella coming to Adam's defense and standing up to Mac, since she's apparently the only one who can do that.  He didn't really listen to her, but at least she drove him off. 

Oh, Flack. So many moments tonight, starting with the key party, where at first he looks, as he often does when confronted with aberrant behavior, completely disdainful and a little disturbed.  And then with the person in charge of the place, looking disappointed by Stella's appearance... "I was expecting big, burly men with guns." Flack: "Well if you focus your attention in my direction, you might see one." HEE. 

And oh, oh, OH, with the anger in Mac's office. Maybe anger's too strong a word...agitation, mixed with a little bitterness ("My weakness, I guess."). I like that despite Flack's apparent acceptance of what happened back in November, as soon as one criminal's released he's right back on the fence.  Truby's arrest doesn't sit right with him, and I kind of have to agree. I don't know why, but I just don't see Truby on the same level of awful as all of the convicts who are now calling for appeals. It's a situation where I would have been tempted to put my head down and choose the lesser of two evils.  This conversation is everything I could have hoped for, especially since unlike the one in "Consequences," Mac really lashes out, right down to "Are you having a good time saying I told you so?" (Me: "I am!") And even so, initial accusatory questions over with, Flack's unrest quiets, and he's back to the inclusive "what are we gonna do?" So clearly the better man. 

I know the A case was solid because I tried to skip Sid's scenes, as usual, but all of a sudden Flack was striding into Mac's office and I'm going "WAIT WAIT WAIT, back it up, what's this now?" When I actually have to watch the autopsy scenes, I know it's going to be good. Now, I don't know who Joey Lawrence is, but he scares the crap out of me, so I guess that's a good casting choice for a sadistic serial killer. He...cuts his victims eyelids off...WHILE THEY ARE ALIVE. That was the part that had me squealing "ew!!" and burying my face in a pillow. Look at that, even now I can't resist the urge to cringe and cover my eyes.  And I was twitchier than usual during my brow wax.  Watch what you're doing with those tweezers, lady...

As for the ending...fantastic.  I love how Mac tore out of there without a word to anyone like an idiot and five seconds later Flack was after him, calling for backup on the way.  The latter's reaction when Dobson came plummeting into the car was priceless, and meanwhile...despite his idiocy in going in alone, I feel kind of sorry for Mac, since it'll be an unpleasant ride getting out of this.  Unlike the apparent majority of the fandom, his I-can-do-no-wrong attitude has never really bothered me.  Probably has a lot to do with my fondness for Horatio and his similarly untouchable image; I'm all for superhero figures.

As for the B case, well, you set it in Coney Island, it's going to be fun.  Lots of great Danny and Hawkes banter, picking up on the trend from "Obsession," although nothing was better than Danny sniping the $20 pushed through the slats on the boardwalk.  (am I even using the right terms here?  It's all so foreign to me...) However, after reading about a dozen different reviews it seems that once AGAIN I completely failed to pick up on the parallel storyline about two brothers and how that relates to Danny and Louie.  I don't know, that supposedly unresolved storyline never really bothers me.  I've been assuming that Louie is as we left him a year ago, comatose.  Possibly brain-dead, but alive.  I assume if there had been any development, they would have noted it.  Yes, I know you think that's exactly what TPTB wouldn't necessarily do, but I have faith in them. 
Voice: Because you never, ever whine about how they abruptly stopped talking about Horatio's past in New York.

Anyway - a solid episode overall, going to land high in the rankings.  I think I already have my top 5 pinned, but this one might land in 6th or 7th place, depending how the next couple of weeks unfold.  And hey, next week...COLD CASE CROSSOVER!  With my very favorite cold case detective, Scotty.  I am ridiculously excited about this, because CC gets hardly any media coverage, and I can't even find the fandom for it, so YAY for connecting with a high profile show!  It's weird, because I absolutely hate crossovers in fanfiction, but when they actually do it on TV I think it's just the coolest thing ever.  And this one is especially neat since it's not just a 'verse crossover, using characters within a's two completely different worlds.  I could not possibly BE more excited about this!
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