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1 ship is back on and 1 ship is on fire. But not in the sinking way. The metaphorical awesome way.

I have like nine billion TV shows checked out of the library right now and not sure which one to prioritize, so I'm going with The Big Bang Theory, season 6. I never did get around to writing about 2 and 5 (oops), but I have to say that season 6 is like, extra magical.

-The Christmas episode (Santa-themed D&D) is one of my favorite episodes ever. So many quotable lines ("No, no, no!" / "It's actually ho ho ho, but you'll get the hang of it."), the ladies' runway model pop-in (after which their storyline sadly ceases to be interesting), Raj's horrible double entendres ("Get in here with your rod and give it to me!" / "Okay, you need to say these things in your head before you say them out loud."), Leonard's fantastically jaunty Santa hat, all the clever ideas to tie in Christmas (I particularly like the carol as sung by Sheldon), and the surprise twist ending of a ruined game. I still feel kind of sucker-punched about that one. But then again, I also love Sheldon's dream with VENGEFUL SANTA, so...

-The one where Amy's sick? Still great. But in a way where I'm glad I got to luxuriate in those scenes out of context first, while they were shiniest and most satisfying, and then enjoy the larger context. And the spanking bit is still the most excruciating secondhand acting embarrassment not involving nudity ever. If it hasn't sunk in, I invite you to watch the gag reel so you can see it in its rehearsal stage. SO AWKWARD.

-The closure episode is also delightful. Like, I want to say that the ending of that ones gives me almost as many heebie-jeebies as the spanking (VOLUME DOWN! VOLUME DOWN.), but I still really love the montage of gleeful!Sheldon merrily completing all the half-finished activities as soon as Amy leaves.

-Admiring Penny's outfits is still like 50% of my enjoyment in a given episode. As is the fascinating way in which Bernadette literally wears the same outfit every week in different colors and patterns.

-Professor Proton! I saw the one with him and Bill Nye, but having a whole episode was much better (I guess I like Bob Hope now?). Though Penny seemed extra-infantile in this one.

-I like the fact that Raj has gained an adorable dog (or "a dog." Jury's out on adorableness. Yorkies are cuter with short hair; the long hair makes them look more breakable), but I hate the storyline with the socially anxious girl. I don't like the character, but being played by such an acting nemesis makes it even worse.

-Sheldon's assistant (or "Alex"), as played by the future Delilah on NCIS, is great! I like this character SO much more than Delilah. I would watch infinity episodes of her hitting on Leonard and being recruited to buy gifts for Amy. (which she does with stunning genius.)

-LOVE Regina King as the beleaguered HR woman.  The episode where they all get called in for sexual harassment thanks to Sheldon's mouth is almost as good as him trying to give her a box set of Roots.

-I like the one with the tenure offer where Penny shows up at the funeral in the most inappropriate dress ever in order to help Leonard win it by bosom advantage (followed by Sheldon's orders to Amy: "don't just stand there, take your breasts out!")

-Will Wheaton + Fun With Flags = mega fun! But not quite as much fun as Drunk Sheldon putting up his dukes to fight him off for disrespecting his woman.

-Leonard and Penny continue to be cute, though I do not feel as intensely about them as I did before seeing season 5 continue to be so funny that I barely noticed they were still broken up. You broke 'em, show!

-The "Bakersfield" Comic-Con episode was pretty fun. Their costumes were marvelously believable, and that rare moment of Sheldon's self awareness in the fact that people are laughing at him and knowing why and being genuinely hurt is the best thing no one has spoiled me on.

-I'm still gross-laughing at Kripke being obsessed with the details of Sheldon's sex life. How did that not get exposed by the end?

-I'm pretty sure at least 60% of the special features on this disc involve the "omg cool SO AWESOME MEGA NEAT" spaceship scenes and how they were created, and my entire response to that is "meh. pass. do not collect $200."

-The one thing Howard did do that I enjoyed was buy the 3-D printer and create tiny doll versions of himself and Bernadette. That is CLEARLY worth 5 grand. You could build an entire dollhouse and tiny furniture and accessories, COME ON. You could even recoup some of the costs by selling them on Etsy, probably.

-Still enjoyed Bernadette lecturing him, making him return it and then cutting him off from their joint account so that he is forced to admit, with full shame, how he does not understand the value of money and has been put on a tiny leash by his awesome wife. At this point in time, I'm pretty sure Bernadette is my very favorite character. I just really enjoy watching her full scorn.

-The ladies' trip to Disneyland to become Disney princesses was adorable. As was watching the guys' reactions to them.

-THE LOVE SPELL POTENTIAL. Leonard is a better Dungeon Master, but getting to see D&D again was great. And everything Sheldon/Amy is just...I'm pretty sure it has yet to be bested. Which is a disappointing thing to say when a whole season has aired since. Then again, I joined late and also stopped watching halfway through that season, so maybe it's coming and/or I forgot about it.
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