RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Under the Dome: Episodes 5-6

1. UGH, you can't just make Sam the murderer and have him fling himself into an abyss and not even have him and Julia kiss first. You also are doing a poor job of explaining to me why, if he's so guilt-wracked and heartbroken about killing young people, he had to violently beat Angie to death as opposed to a quicker kill, maybe plied with alcohol first). Is he coming back? I mean, no body no death, right?

[edit: THIS IS WHY I HAVEN'T WATCHED ANY PROMOS SO FAR FOR THIS SEASON OH MY GOD. Well, at least I can watch it in less than 12 hours?]

2. But at least I got pretty reunion hugging/kissing for Julia and Barbie. That made my heart happy.

3. NO JOE. JOE WHAT ARE YOU DOING. You have to permanently pick the pretty girl before you kiss her.

4. the internet tells me Joe and Norrie made up. I do not remember that, though I do remember him boldly throwing around words like "love," but okay.

5. P.S. No gross no on Junior/Melanie. The actor playing Junior is objectively handsome but there's always something slightly feral and unhinged about the character that prevents him from getting there all the way.

6. NO PHIL NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING. What happened to you, man?

7. I don't know if I will like Barbie being sheriff, but I do know that I love the idea of Julia going all Queen Victoria on this town and making him her royal consort.

8. For the sake of my sanity, I need to believe that it's been 2 months with the dome, not 2 weeks, because otherwise the speed of relationships and conflicts and murders and riots is just way too much happening all at once.

9. I really like Widow of Survivalist. I don't understand why she is instantly judgmental that Julia happened to be some distance away from the diner when the big storm happened and didn't immediately risk her life racing back across town to lead the lazy and unworried people. If she even noticed it was happening, that is. Sometimes people get busy with stuff inside, okay.

Tags: tv commentary, under the dome

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