RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Bad News

I went out and had a fun-filled day of shopping (except I learned that the last K-mart I know of within 10 miles is closing next month, and the Rainbow Foods grocery store by it has become a Cub Foods), and then heard the radio on the way home say, "Breaking news as of about 20 minutes ago, actor Robin Williams--"
Me: don't be dead.
"was found dead in his apartment--"
"of an apparent suicide."
Me: WHAT???

So now I'm sitting here all stunned and upset because he's a really amazing actor, responsible for a large percentage of my favorite childhood films, and recently had earned a full-time pass into my life by bringing consistent awesomeness with The Crazy Ones every week. And this is just -- no. I'd vaguely heard things about him struggling, but he's magic, it can't end like this.
Tags: celebrity death

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