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*bites nails* I am taking my driver's test in less than 12 hours... *worries* I keep telling myself it's okay to fail because so many people do (my genius, ordinarily *perfect* best friend, and Dad), but on the other hand a lot of people pass on their first try, too (my other best friend, and Mom when she retook her test in her 20's after letting her license expire).  And in the past three months I've gotten in more driving practice than in the preceding five years, so I really think I'm prepared for everything, even the parking.  (parallel and backing into a driveway are equally difficult for me) 

Ah, I don't know.  The minivan and I will face it tomorrow.  Either way, for celebration or consolation, Yelina and Stetler will be on CSI: Miami at 9, to kick off final sweeps.  Segway to fandom-talk mode...[edit: where I am alternating font colors to differentiate shows, because LJ is doing its stupid THING again where I try to make just the first line of a cut section bold, and it promptly applies it to the rest of my entry and will not let me change it back. ]

Another fantastic installment; this show's entertainment factor is through the roof. Not like Idol, whose fun is complaining about it - Survivor's just plain fun.

Alex and Mookie are such idiots. What did they really think was going to happen when they told everyone they'd been RUMMAGING THROUGH OTHERS' PRIVATE THINGS? "Gee, you're right - Yau Man's a total weasel, but you guys are *trustworthy*"? The only person they might have actually convinced is Dreamz, because his ability to plan ahead stretches only about three hours ahead of present time. I think he's someone to worry about before Boo, to be honest.

The reward challenge was fun. I have no idea how to describe it, although I might come close with "launching streamer-laden balls from a sling, where your teammates run around trying to catch them with basket-shaped sticks". Whatever it's called, I think it needs to be implemented in gym classes across the country, because I really want to play it. Minus the mud, of course, and with some rules in place to avoid serious injury. (I love how Jeff whistles innocently and looks the other way after Cassandra's choke-hold on Earl, especially considering that's usually a big no-no.)

Speaking of injury, Boo apparently popped his knee out and then popped it back in. I think it's funny how everybody winced and looked away at the second pop. I don't know why; it's a rather cool sound. And by the by, Boo is starting to grow on me. Despite the beard that's so thick I think it's actually progressed to fur, he's sort of lovable. He's like the big goofy Labrador.

I could have done without the blatant mention of Olay shower stuff, though, and I also didn't really see the need to watch them lather up under the showerheads, either. But then, I suppose we couldn't have gotten to see the OLAY! in action.

Immunity challenge - heh, Battleship! Sometimes I think I like the non-physical challenges more than the physical ones; this way I'm acutely interested in every single move. That, and I really like it when you steadily erode peoples' supply of nameplates to knock them out. And as a bonus, no mud!

Finally...Mookie's gone, leaving us with some very confusing parting words ("I really want to be there making everyone's lives as miserable as my life has been here...but it was a great experience and I wouldn't take it back for anything.") In other news, Alex is a cold, cold, calculating shrew. I still don't like him.
CSI - "Ending Happy"
Oh, what a silly  pair my G/S duo makes...Sara with her oversized sunglasses and Grissom with his straw hat. XD

That conversation seemed so unnecessary...but so, so, SO welcome. By the third rewind I was in giggle fits of giddiness. Sara's tone is light and almost teasing, but his answers are more serious and thoughtful. They're also exactly what I'd expect him to say, and subsequently are the kind of quotes I shall remember for a long time and probably repeat in the future. At the very least, I hope they were loud enough to reverberate across networks and into that other 8:00 show. "Sex without love is pointless. It makes you sad." Oh hey, does this mean we can lay to rest that obnoxiously persistent theory that Grissom slept with Lady Heather?

Either way, one of the best GSR moments in a while. The "You make me happy" line could have come off as stiff or awkward, but the little smile after he says it rescues the moment. Ohhh, I love them to *pieces*! And even if you don't particularly like them, after this I can't see how it's even possible for people to keep saying this relationship is meaningless.

V: Do you really think it's smart to keep talking like that when you know full well that there are more CSI fans on your flist who dislike GSR than ones who do?
RS: There are?  Frick, how did that happen?

Other things:
-The blonde girl Dreama reminded me of Kellie Pickler, insanely so. I now have a permanent idea in my head that Kellie Pickler is a snake handler.

-Hey, I know that woman! "Doris" was the mom on Oliver Beene!  Not that I ever watched that show. Ever. Because I have good taste. Shut up, I was young and unwilling to let go of the Sunday nights I had built around X-Files on Fox.

-The old guy was hilarious. "I told you - somebody shot my wife." And I really loved Sara spouting off her own line of poetry; so sweet.

-Bad Hair Nicky is officially fixed! Ironically, I said exactly the same thing around episode 21 last year. Must be his lucky number.  Now let's see if this time around, he can keep it that way through the season premiere.

-Brass' expression every time he got a call from Doc Robbins just as he got a suspect breaking down in confession...HEE

-Aw, Greggy feels bad for the prostitutes. That's so sweet. *hugs*

-The image of a 17-year-old Hodges being handcuffed on the sidewalk after trying to pick up a hooker who turns out to be an undercover cop...causes me endless amounts of glee. Especially the way he starts out with a nonchalant scenario and gets more and more wrapped up in it until by the end he switches to first-person. Poor Greg's just like "I am so glad I don't work in the lab anymore."

Overall, an average to decent episode, probably landing in the middle of the pack for this season. Because really, "Happy" looked like he could have played a goblin in a horror movie without any additional makeup, and that was too grotesque for me. However, there was enough humor to be found throughout the supporting guest stars that I found myself laughing every few minutes. There's always a light-hearted episode near the end of the year, otherwise the heaviness of the season finale would crush us, and this one filled the role quite well.

No real opinions on next week's yet. I'm too busy dreading episode 23 while looking forward to the season finale.
ER - "Lights Out"

I'm a little disappointed - they made the promo so dramatic, even once I knew it was only closing for renovations (I think, anyway; I missed the first ten minutes)...wouldn't that storyline have made a much better season finale? It would have been visually effective, shutting off the lights in an empty building, and it also would have explained the summer time gap.

I loved Morris threatening to send Abby home, while she stands smugly in front of Luka. And I love how, after scaring Morris off, Luka's attempt to give her the same stern look fails miserably.

Otherwise, the only part I really paid attention to was the Gates drama, though I was not disappointed on that front. The conflict between Tony and his father that's been brewing for weeks exploded tonight. While the former's frustration and anger is perfectly understandable - as is the catalyst, drinking with Sarah in the car - his blind rage while punching out Mike in the alleyway, is a little scary, as evidenced by Sarah cringing in the doorway, arms tightly crossed as she looks on. She obviously knows about the tension between the two of them, but to her, Mike's only been the kindly grandfather figure. This probably didn't help her an
xiety about whether or not she can stay with Tony, either.

Oh yeah, and Luka stepped down as chief. I'd like that move better if it didn't mean Goran V. was leaving the show.  Probably.
Numb3rs - "The Art of Reckoning"  a/k/a "Larry's Return"

Because I am a bad child, I watched the end of this episode first - saw the teaser (where Charlie and Amita were ador(k)able, running hand-in-hand through the halls of CalSci), then went back on the computer and started watching again at 9:45. My main comment was "Larry has one more episode to drop that rope full of knots before I strangle him with it. Massively irritating."

Then I watched it properly today, and as soon as Larry mentioned the Aztecs in conjunction with the rope thing, I started jumping up and down. "OH! Now I know what that is! It's like that thing at the end of Amazon Trail!  Where your points are counted up in various categories on ropes..."
Everyone else: *blank stare*
RS: Whatever, it makes sense to me.
And now I'm going to be addicted to Amazon Trail (II) again.

The strangulation threat still stands.

The rest of the episode probably would have been more interesting if I'd been patient enough to wait fifteen minutes and start from the beginning.  As it is, the only other thing I have to say is that I sympathize with Pony's daughter wanting to meet him. He's a nice looking, non-threatening guy. If he were my father I'd never met, I'd want to see him too. The ending was nice. 

Oops, almost forgot - on a shallow note, Charlie is terribly attractive standing on the beach with his hair blowing in the wind, wearing his best look of concern. Poor Charlie, so excited to have his best friend back and confronted with this vague "ghost" version instead.
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