RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I'm not even gonna cut this, because your friends page probably needs the action.

1. I am presently drinking appletini flavored Crystal Light, and it is AMAZING. Thank you, Dollar Store. Where I also found these amazing Nonni's Biscotti Bites.

2. I found the creepiest thing in an antique store last week:[cut for mentions of dead animals]a taxidermy yellow duckling dressed up in an easter bonnet/shawl. I couldn't tell what it was at first, as it was on its side amongst a bunch of small dolls, and I picked it up thinking it was a little toy. A very realistic toy... "OH EW!" Its papery little feet were the worst. It was admittedly very soft, but way too much like a dead body in a way that larger taxidermy somehow isn't.
3. While researching that on eBay to see if it was a common thing (it appears that it is - though the modern ones tend to have disclaimers stating they are natural deaths), I found a super cool thing on Etsy: felted wool animals. They look amazingly realistic, or at least they do from this particular seller, and I want twenty of them (I can afford zero). The cat is one of my favorites so far, but here are some other neat examples:

4. I was listlessly scrolling through the homepage today, blocking journals left and right, when I happened upon one that sent me to a game of link-tag and ultimately resulted in me seeing this and doing the virtual equivalent of throwing a stack of papers in the air as I stormed the internet to see about the humanly fastest way to get a free copy of A Single Man* into my hands. I have always bypassed it on the grounds of "meh, lacks women," but actually it sounds like it could be right up my alley in terms of tear triggers.

5. Then, frustrated that I could not just drive down and check out a copy immediately, I went through my Goodreads and requested like six more books because I only have one novel checked out of the library right now and that's my cue to obtain a lot more, as opposed to reading some of the many unread ones I own that do not have due dates, obviously.

6. I texted Chris, "I watched that episode again last night. Now I'm addicted to a song with an awkward title and lyrics. THANKS COMMUNITY. And YouTube the Enabler."
His response: o.0 (the song about Excel Dean sings? A song that contains donkey-esque crooning? The mystery!)

Good point. Those are addictive too, but they lack the sense of shame that comes with constantly wanting to sing things like "It said quarter to five, but it was quarter to ass..."


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