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Grumpy Cat has left the building

Or, "Castle, season 5, part 2." Because wow, nothing brightens your mood like a pair of pretty people in love + hilarious hijinx. I'm just going to ignore that actor I loathe occasionally showing up as the coroner instead of Lainie and hope it's only temporary while she was off having a baby/filming a movie or something.

5x13, Recoil: I am struggling really hard to remember a part of this that I liked, but I was a watchable plot, but nothing memorable, aside from the fun of watching the hamster wheel in Beckett's brain spin as she inexplicably jeopardized her career on a hunch to save The Senator's life. But even there, it turns out it's possible to be annoyed by someone who is too ethical.

5x14, Reality Star Struck: Firefly reunion and over the top cheesiness? Why, that's just what this show does best! Loved the reality show almost as much as I loved the epic hilarity of Castle, "romance ninja," accidentally putting Beckett's Valentine's Day earrings into Gates' coat, being fully unsuccessful at stealing it back. and then getting chewed out in the office. I saw that last scene in reruns at some point, but it's funny every time. Oh, and I guess Esplainie's back on, or something? Sure, fine. Whatever.

P.S. I found excuses to call myself a romance ninja as often as possible for about a week after seeing this. They mostly consisted of springing unexpected compliments that left boyfriend temporarily speechless, or the less subtle approach of pouncing on him with a hug.

5x15-16, Target/Hunt: Discussed here because I have nothing new or better to add except that I listened to the audio commentary, and Molly mentioned that though you can't see it, Alexis and her father are holding hands through the wire during the final scene before all the explosions, awwww. That really was a most excellent reunion scene with the two of them, and it's been a while since I mentioned how much I love their bond.

5x17, Scared to Death: Good and actually scary. Creepy videos, people who appear to have been scared to death, the possibility of vengeful ghosts (for the record I am CONSTANTLY envisioning X-Files crosssovers when he talks like this), a creepy old B&B, a creepier old insane asylum, getting to see Romy Rosemont, and the terror of the last scene, with an actual murderer running amok at a remote log cabin in the woods. Loads of fun.

And then, Castle's bucket list, featuring "be with Kate." EXCUSE ME, JUST LET ME DIE. See, now we're in territory that I HAVEN'T spoiled myself on in a YouTube tour, and all the relationship bits outside of finales and premieres are brand spanking new.

5x18, The Wild Rover: OH GOSH DID I EVER LOVE THAT. Ryan should star in episodes more often. His undercover identity was amazing, I didn't believe he had it in him. Also, sorry Jughead Jenny, but I'm going to be shippin' Fenton/Siobhan for the foreseeable future. Maybe even Kevin/Siobhan; that guilt was pretty intense. And their Irish faces are just so pretty together. Away with this anchor baby! ...I mean, I'm sure by next year I'll have calmed down and embraced his hotness as a husband/pending father, but right now I'm a little too tantalized by lost possibility and remembering that I have never liked Jenny beyond her role as a romantic prop.

But really, all the undercover scenes were probably some of my favorite undercover scenes across all of crime drama. Also, hee @ Mr. Whiskers.


5x19, The Lives of Others, a.k.a 100th Episode Spectacular: First, I'm really glad that they acknowledged this as a "Rear Window scenario" and did not actually try to have Castle witnessing a real crime. I thought up plenty of alternate explanations, but I  definitely never pegged it for a mastermind setup planned as a birthday gift! (probably because JESUS that's a lot to leave up to chance -- just off the top of my head, you have to make sure Castle's looking at exactly the right time or else play the scenario over and over, and you have to hope no one else thinks they're witnessing a murder and calls the cops).

Second, here is a giant list of things I loved about this story, in no particular order. I always watch the commentary for 100th episodes when available, because it's usually worthwhile, and this one is no exception.

-The non-speaking actors who did a great job of selling the scenario without any lines. It didn't hurt that all three of them were really fetchingly attractive and I WANT THAT WRAPPER DRESS. And also the fedora for my boyfriend.

-Alexis licking her lips over the chiseled young man peeling off his shirt. I don't know what's better, looking at the hot guy or the fact that she's shamlessly doing it in front of her father

-Alexis's proud nod in response to Beckett's decidedly unimpressed "and you helped him?"

-Beckett's gorgeous birthday dinner dress/shoes/makeup and "look at me. He's going to let me in."

-Beckett's unusually arms-around-the-neck hug from behind for "I know you miss me."

-Castle crashing his poor little remote control helicopter. "Survivors?" And basically everything else his bored-little-kid self did

-Castle yelling about evidence being destroyed to an empty room

-The comic turtle flailing when he falls and temporarily gets trapped in the other apartment's bedroom

-This exchange:
    Beckett: You're talking about an illegal search.
    Castle: No, when you do it, it's an illegal search. When I do it, it's just illegal.

-Ryan/Esposito's "Charlie's Angels" pose

-His panicky response to thinking Kate is dead/dying

-Her panicky response when she thinks the whole thing has backfired and she's made a horrible mistake in tricking him

-The super pretty kissing

-The deleted scene in which you get to see some extended footage of the surprise party guests talking amongst themselves

-The Wiki mentioning "Beckett's birthday gift to Castle was foreshadowed in Reality Star Struck, where Castle thinks the "complex case where nothing makes sense" might be his Valentine's Day gift from Beckett." AWESOME.

-The fact that that Castle broke his knee while skiing with Beckett. Bonus injury/hospital daydream!

-A shot I absolutely would not have noticed without the commentary: our beloved showrunners!

"Must be writers."

-Raquel Alessi, even though we only got to see her pretty face in two scenes. (in related news, I am forever sad she has never shown up on Glee to play Rachel's cousin, because I think she looks a LOT like Lea Michele)

Just, all in all, one of the better 100th episodes I've seen on a show.
5x20, The Fast and the Furriest: See previous comments re: desiring X-Files crossover, but I will concede to that being a pretty spectacular Bigfoot costume if it can't be the real thing. Frankly I thought everyone made a better suspect than the professor, including that terrible animatronic/fursuit gorilla, but I loved the wacky humor of everything else. Especially Castle's ridiculous hunting attire and being trapped in the pit.

No, wait, ESPECIALLY Alexis getting caught in the food thief trap and running out looking like Mystique. (I also liked her heart-to-heart at the end about not wanting The Speech about how people like them have to be careful with their money)

And also, getting to see Castle & Beckett lounging around in bed in super casual unsexy sleepwear, that was pretty great. Forgot to snap a shot before I had to return it to the library, though.
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